Friday, May 15, 2015

TVC - Day 6 - What's brewing?

The problem with moving too far north too quickly becomes apparent after just a few days.....this also happened to us last April when we headed for South Dakota too soon and pretty much spent 8 days in winter like conditions.  Well, here we are once again.....too far north too soon.....below is a glimpse at our weather for the next 5 days......if you were able to scroll this picture down (which you can't) you would see that it is pretty much the same for the next 10 days.  Fortunately for us we own an RV that was designed to be a four seasons RV......we have more than adequate insulation, 3 electric heaters (including one in the water bay to prevent freezing), 4 gas heaters, and heaters that run off the engine coolant......we have two wonderful air conditioners that blow ice if we find ourselves in a clime that is either too cold, or hot we can deal with it, but we would rather not have to deal with it.

Thursday (4th Saturday) was our day off so we arose late, and lazed around for several hours before venturing outdoors into the 40 degree temperatures.....the forecast high for Thursday (see above) was 45, but I don't think it got that warm.  I decided to get a ride up to Emerald Bay in before the rain came figuring I could make the 17 mile round trip ride before moisture began to fall.  Five minutes into the ride I was wishing I had worn something a little warmer on my legs, and maybe a watch cap for my ears.

By the time I left the bike path to begin the final 3 mile climb up to the overlook I began to see and feel snow flakes.....fortunately I was into the steep climbing part which warmed my legs up quite a bit.  By the time I hit the overlook (about 11:15)  the snow was beginning to come down a little harder so without stopping I just turned around and began my descent from 6,700' back to 6,200' covering the 5 miles back to Camp Richardson in about 15 minutes....pretty easy to do when you are averaging between 20 and 30 mph all the way....yup, it's steep.  Oh, I did set a new time to the top record (for this year) of 46 minutes and 15 seconds....almost two minutes better than my first attempt on Monday.  I arrived back at the coach just as the snow really began to round trip elapsed time: 1 hour, 15 minutes.....5 minutes better than Monday.

Snow coming down just after I returned

I quickly put my bike away and headed inside to begin to thaw out my extremities......TLE had the inside nice and toasty warm so I recovered quickly.

Last summer when we were in SLT there was a new micro brewery under construction (renovation of an older building), but it was still not finished when we left on September fact they did not open until November of 2014.  We decided to head over to Cold Water Brewery and Grill for a late lunch (they serve lunch until 4 pm, and have a happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm - M-F) and sample their brews and that order.  Yelp gives them 4 stars out of over 123 reviews.....not bad.

To start things off we ordered a 6 beer flight for $12 which included 2 porters, one stout, a wheat, an ale and a rye......if you have followed our blog for any amount of time you know we both gravitate toward the darker beers......stouts and porters, but on this day we were both captivated by the Water House Wheat (middle right in picture) and after finishing our flight both ordered a pint of same to go with our meal.....ahhh, our meal.....for a starter we ordered their bleu cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped get six on the plate.  They were OMG amazing!  For the main course I ordered their (you guessed it) South Shore Fish Tacos.....TLE ordered their special, which was Mac & Cheese with pork belly, broccoli and three different cheeses.  TLE said the Mac and Cheese needed a little more salt, which she added, and she loved it.  My fish tacos were good.....not the best I have had, but very good. For their beer we would both give them 4 stars, but the food would come in at 3.5....a little work yet to be done......we will return.

When we got in the VW to drive home it had not been raining for a while, but when we returned to the coach this is what we found.....

......and what we found this morning.

We watched season finales for 'Blacklist' and 'Elementary', and a regular episode of 'Bones'......just before I went to bed I went outside and used my garden rake to pull the accumulated snow off the patio awning.....yep....a little too far north too soon.

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  1. No sooner had I posted on Facebook that we had no snow at Yellowstone, we awoke to 4 inches! It was gone the next day, though, but we managed photos in the park. Just beautiful! We tried to figure out how to get the snow off our awnings, and your use of a rake is a great one. Adding that to our shopping list!


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