Thursday, May 28, 2015

TVC - Day 19 - '6 easy pieces'

Due to a scheduling anomaly we ended up working six straight days, and Wednesday was the final day in that stretch.  It would be easy to complain, but that would be disingenuous of me......working at TVC hardly seems like work to me when I am in a place (Tahoe) that I have loved since I was 4 years old.  I spent 95% of my day outside wearing shorts and a t-shirt enjoying the glorious warm weather which has been bestowed upon us......and to boot I get paid!

Harry and I spent the balance of the day repairing the remaining leaky hose bibs.....I've been referring to them as faucets, but Harry reminded me on several occasions Wednesday that the correct terminology is 'HOSE BIB'.....sorry for any confusion I may have caused over the past week, or so.  We had three hose bibs in section 'F' that required a special key to turn off the water so after locating said 'key' we proceeded to either replace the suspect hose bib, or replace its washer as needed.  Then it was on to section 'A' where, as I have written about previously, the water for the entire section must be turned off in order to repair the two really badly leaking hose bibs of them I recall from last summer.  Not sure why they haven't been fixed, especially with a drought in progress, but now they are officially fixed.  Before, and in between all of this fun I did my normal site check runs verifying for another day who is in the park, and who was supposed to be departing.

After lunch we tackled the really big will recall I wrote about site 180 where someone had backed over the electrical pedestal, the 'hose bibs' and the sewer vent pipe.  Well, while attempting to straighten the electrical pedestal (which was successful) and the water pipe (not quite so successful) the water pipe cracked right where it goes into the cement, so site 180 has been without a water supply for a week, or so.  On this day our task was to remove the broken pipe and restore water service, and then re-install the sewer vent pipe.  I thought we were going to have to get a cement cutter, but Harry had a much better plan.  The concrete pad the water and electrical sit on is about 2' x 3' and about 4" thick.  Harry's idea was to dig down about 2 feet to the side of the concrete pad, use a 'sawsall' to cut the broken pipe off just below the concrete pad, and then one more time about 6" down.  Once that was done he inserted the 'sawsall' blade into the piece of pipe remaining in the concrete cutting it vertically, then using a large chisel to punch it down and worked!  Then we installed a 3/4" brass compression fitting on the pipe stub that remained and connect it to the new vertical pipe we pounded down through the now empty hole in the concrete.  Within 15 minutes we had restored water....then it was time to dig out what remained of the sewer vent pipe and re-install the 'Y' joint and the 8 foot vertical vent pipe.  Within 30 minutes we had everything back together.



Alas, one cannot live on 'fun' alone......the 'work' day came to an end....TLE and I reviewed our 'time cards' via ADP's online employee self-service portal, approved them, and headed home to enjoy two days off before the 'grind' begins they only knew!

The weather was so balmy we decided to cook, and eat outside for the first time since we arrived May 9th.  I set up the outdoor TV out so we could watch the Anaheim Ducks vs. the Chicago Blackhawks NHL game (the sound muted, of course) and turned on the 'B. B. King Bluesville channel (70) on our Sirrius/XM was a perfect day and evening....

I asked TLE to take a picture of me enjoying short pants, t-shirt and flip flop weather at 6 pm........I think this says it all....6 easy 'work' days in the book, and now for some more non-work fun!

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