Sunday, May 24, 2015

TVC - Day 15 - Candid camera

The campground.....specifically section 'E'...... is beginning to fill up!

We find ourselves in the midst of four straight days of work (Friday through Monday)....although it is the Memorial Day weekend, we are not yet fully staffed, and will not be for another two weeks as the rest of the workers arrive for the summer, so everyone is 'on deck' on this long weekend.

We reported for work about 5 minutes early and began getting ready for the day's activities.....for the first time there were customers waiting at the office door for the store to open.....that is a first since we arrived May 9th, and a preview of what the rest of the summer will look like.  Saturday is also 'Pancake Breakfast' day here at TVC, and normally there are a lot of partakers, but the rain came early and, understandably, it put a damper on the the attendance.

As real Saturday wore on intrepid tent campers began to arrive.....some setting up in a light drizzle.....that is what I call optimistic!  There was a time in my now distant youth when weather would not have deterred me from setting up my tent either.  One additional thing was added to my 'Ranger' duties.....taking random pictures of campers at their sites and then transferring them to a 'thumb drive' which is subsequently inserted in the store flat screen TV to be run as a slide show.  The customers are encouraged to come into the store to see themselves on TV, and they actually do!

As has been the case most recent days, the rains came and went all day long, and sometimes it was bitterly cold.....I start every day with this internal debate raging in my head about what I should wear.....each day I start out thinking I can don a pair of shorts once again, and maybe do away with the snow boots and watch cap, but then I look at the forecast and decide today is not the far, each day, I have made the right choice.

I can't help but think that but for our dental issues this winter/spring we would be in Indianapolis today watching the beginning of the INDY 500 in person in just an hour or so, then packing up and making our run for our present location.  To our friends who are there, we miss you and hope to see you next year!

TLE went home about 2 pm as there were too many people in the office, and not enough computer terminals, but I stayed on until my normal quitting time of 4:30.  We spent the evening reading and were in bed by 10 pm girding our selves up for another 8 am workday.

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