Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TVC - Day 10 - Guessers are at it again

The forecast was for 100% rain Monday....this is what we got 

First of all, I had good intentions yesterday morning when I saved the blog post about Sunday to 'draft' fully intending to get back to it and publish it by mid morning Monday, but my senior brain completely forgot until about 4:30 am Tuesday morning.....no I didn't get up to post it then.....I waited until I got up at 6....I can't remember the last time I forgot to do that....I've certainly forgotten a lot of other things.

It takes me about 10 days after arriving in SLT to remember that any weather forecast for South Lake Tahoe has less than a 50/50 chance of coming to fruition.....it seems to me based on my own empirical observations that SLT must have its own unique weather vortex, making it often immune to the feeble attempts by the weather guessers to make a forecast stick.  To be sure, I am not complaining......no, not me.  My attire for the past 4 work days has been snow boots, long pants, Under Armor, thermal socks, watch cap, snow board gloves just to stay slightly comfortable as I make my rounds.......even then I've often had to retreat to the office to warm up half way through site checks each day.  So, getting a partly cloudy day with sun showers sure beats the forecast of 100% chance of rain.  Even with the sun showers I'm still bundled up, but at least my outlook is a little more positive.

As we are want to do on work days, TLE and I were at the office reporting for duty a few minutes before 8 am......mostly 'bright eyed and bushy tailed'.  I was off doing my site check rounds about 8:30, and was finished by 9:30.  After site checks (I did find a couple of campers who had arrived after hours and made sure they registered) I continued on with my assignment inspecting each site to be sure everything is in order.  I finished with section 'G', and continued into section 'F' finally finishing that section around 4:30.  I periodically returned to the office to write up the resulting work orders for maintenance.  Mostly the repair orders are for very minor things.....a missing screw in an electrical pedestal box access door, a missing sewer cap, or a leaky faucet, but sometimes I find something major.....

.....this is what I found Monday morning.....some one had apparently backed over the sewer vent pipe, the water faucet, and electrical pedestal.

We'll be working 5 days this week leading up to the Memorial Day weekend helping get the park ready for the the first significant 'invasion' of the summer, then we'll settle down into 4 day work weeks for the remainder of the summer, excluding the 4th of July weekend when 'all hands are on deck'.

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