Wednesday, May 13, 2015

TVC - Day 4 - On the job!

Second Saturday felt more like Tuesday to me.......I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I am back 'on the clock' once again.....I'm sure.  Getting up at 6 am to be at work by 8 is 'old hat' for me......that's when I usually get up's the getting used to actually going to work part that takes a little time to wrap my mind around.

We were assigned the same employees ID numbers as we had last year so clocking in was very easy.  Then it was time to get our orientation......for TLE is was a matter of re-familiarizing herself with the 'DigiRez' system that is used by all Encore properties, and for me it was a matter of Duane taking me around the park and explaining some of the changes he has implemented for those (such as myself) who will be doing 'site checks', as well as detailing my new duties as a 'Ranger'.  For the most part I will be outside, which I prefer, but at this time of year with the weather still being relatively cold at 6,225' I am going to have to wear pants and long sleeve shirts for a while.....I think I still have a couple pairs of pants somewhere......:-)

The other aspect of being here so early in the season is the park is relatively empty right now, meaning it will not take me long to make my rounds initially, so I will be helping 'Merlin' do some maintenance work around the park.....Merlin is retired law enforcement, and will be heading up the 'Ranger' program for Duane.....he is a very interesting guy and I know I will enjoy working for him.  Ironically, we both have theology based degrees, so there is a lot of common ground.

 Yesterday he and I spent time cleaning the battery terminals on several of the gold carts, doing a little painting in the laundry/game room, and checking on a few leaky faucets throughout the campground.  In the afternoon, once I had confirmed that all those checking out had done so, I spent time cleaning those sites which mainly involved raking the pine needles out of the site, and picking up any trash left behind by the departing guests.

By the time I got back to the office is was fast approaching 4 pm, and I found Duane and Eric in the lounge playing a game of '9 ball' on the 'new' pool table.....a very nice addition.  For those who have been to TVC before all the noisy video game machines have been moved from the lounge into the back of the laundry room near the dryers.  Eventually there will be a flat screen TV in the lounge with some more seating, and to cap things off the lounge and bathrooms have been repainted.

TLE and I clocked out at 5 pm having logged 8.5 hours each on our first day of work.  Our immediate neighbors on the passenger side of our site, John and Deb, had an informal get together Tuesday evening for the staff that is currently on site, so we headed over there about 5:30 with drinks in hand to enjoy their warm fire, and conversation.

We don't have our exact work schedule yet, but we do know we will be working Wednesday for sure.....thanks for stopping by!


  1. wow - love the new look to the lounge and the pool table, hope it stays in good shape!!

  2. wow - love the new look to the lounge and the pool table, hope it stays in good shape!!


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