Saturday, May 16, 2015

TVC - Day 7 - Endless Winter?

In none of my fantasies about living full time in an RV does the scenario of raking snow off my patio awning, or picnic table ever manifest itself......nope, not one time.....I do see myself, often, sitting on a sunny beach, or riding my bicycle along a sun dappled bike paths as TLE and I pursue our 'Endless Summer'.  This is the second time in as many summers that we have been hit by a May snow storm in SLT, and this may not be the last one this summer as a low pressure area will continue to float around this area of California/Nevada for the 10 days, or so....starting Sunday we will have a 60% chance of rain every day through next Friday.  In all we probably got around 2" of snow in TVC on Thursday night/Friday morning.....I cannot speak for the rest of South Lake Tahoe as we seem to have our own weather system.  Nevertheless, life must go on no matter where you find yourself.......

TLE and I reported for duty promptly at 8 am, and by 8:30 I was off doing 'site checks'.....fortunately I do carry adequate clothing for all seasons, and conditions, including snow boots, Under Armor, long underwear, thermal socks, winter jacket, and snow boarding gloves so I was able to stay comfortably warm as I cruised around the park in the office golf cart.  I snapped this picture as I passed behind our campsite on my first round......note the absence of snow on our patio awning.....I did have to rake it off three times in about 10 hours.....our neighbors (John and Deb) chose to close theirs during the snow storm.

When we have inclement weather such as we have had the past few days it severely limits the outdoor work that is ongoing here at TVC to get the campground ready for the Memorial Day weekend rush.  After finishing my first round of site checks I spent time in the campground office helping the ladies break up boxes, locate a portable heater for Sandy, TLE and Deb to heat the area behind the desk, among other various and sundry tasks.

By 3:30 I had exhausted the things I could do inside, including sweeping out the large ice house in preparation for our first shipment of ice, so decided to just clock out for the day and wait for better weather.  Since TLE was working in the office and had plenty to do she worked until 5.   Just a side note far we are 37% ahead of last year for bookings in the campground.  People are beginning to see the improvements in the campground since last summer, and are coming back.

By the time TLE came home the snow was mostly melted and our environment was getting back to normal, and by this morning we were seeing sunshine once again.....

So, day seven in South Lake Tahoe is in the books......thanks for stopping by!

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  1. May is just so fickle in those mountains. The good news is that they really need the moisture.


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