Monday, May 25, 2015

TVC - Day 16 - Pits and Pines

Sunday was the antithesis of virtually every other day  since we arrived May 9th........sunny, dry, warmish.....temps in the 60's, and, finally, short pants weather once again!  Gone were the snow boots, pants, snow boarding gloves, watch cap, and rain jacket.  As I drove the golf cart around the campground I found people outside enjoying the sun, enjoying the Pancake Breakfast, reading books, swimming in the pool, and participating in the annual 'Pits and Pines' Memorial Day horseshoe tournament.

Fellow staffers Kaye and Harry enjoying the Pancake Breakfast

The sweet bouquet of bacon on the grill

 The participants
Let the tourney begin!

The winners (the guys holding the trophy)  

In the recently re-purposed lounge the INDY 500 was on the TV and people were playing pool.......outside people walked their dogs, folks enjoyed the outdoors talking with family and friends, 'crazy folk' hurling horseshoes to and was the kind of day you expect this time of year in SLT*.....especially at TVC**.

With the return of the typical hustle and bustle of a busy campground the hours of our shift passed by did the sunny weather.......just as we finished the horseshoe tournament, and took the picture of the winners it began to rain once again.  According to our esteemed local weather guessers we have one more day (Monday) of potential rain, and then a string of sunny days stretching into the month of June will follow.

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*SLT = South Lake Tahoe
**TVC = Tahoe Valley Campground

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