Tuesday, May 26, 2015

TVC - Day 17 - Ghostly

I have written often about the vacuum effect in campgrounds.......



.....you can almost hear a 'whooshing' sound as the campers vacate campgrounds all over SLT, and American for that matter, heading back to their workaday lives and the once teeming campground neighborhoods become devoid of human life in just a few hours.  As I made my rounds Monday morning watching camper after camper putting away all their 'stuff' I felt a twang of the same anxiety they must have been feeling......that anxiety that would hit me on a Sunday morning back in my workaday life when I knew I had to start putting my stuff away so we could head back to our sticks and bricks home......it always seemed to take the edge off the fun and the temporal feeling of freedom we had that weekend.  But, no more....we have cast away those workaday/sticks and bricks shackles that continually pulled us back into that old life and are free to wander, or to sit in one place as we choose.

The sunshine we have been waiting for since May 9th finally arrived on May 25th....overnight temps in the 40's, and day time temps in the 60's and 70's as far as the eye can see....short pants and t-shirt weather once again.....it's time to put away the long pants, Under Armor, snow boots, watch caps and snow board gloves.

As often happens on long holiday weekends in many RV parks, not just TVC, the trash dumpsters get quite full.....the departing workaday folk generate a lot of regular trash, and often will discard broken camping equipment ranging from fold up chairs that don't fold up anymore, worn out awning mats, broken popups, non-functioning camp stoves, and sometimes a destroyed patio awning abandoned in one of the sites that I came across on Monday afternoon.  When the dumpsters begin to overflow here at TVC we bring out the heavy equipment.....a skip loader......and use the bucket to 'tamp' down the garbage in each dumpster until our bi-weekly trash haulers arrive, and that is what Harry and I busied ourselves with Monday morning.

By 2 pm the campground was back to normal....cell phone coverage improved dramatically, and our unobstructed views were restored, if only for a few days.

TLE and I clocked out at 4:30 deciding we were suffering a little bit from 'cabin fever' due to the barrage of cold weather and rain we have endured the past 2+ weeks, and walked over to 'Classic Cue' for a pitcher of beer and their wonderful fish tacos......Bill and Debby Kasson (Bill and Debby's Wild Ride) introduced us to 'Classic Cue' last summer, and we have returned many times since.....the atmosphere is kind of 'divey sports bar' and we like it.....

.......we had a pitcher of beer and 6 fish tacos for $20!

We were back home by 6 pm and turned on the Ducks vs. Blackhawks hockey game (the series was tied 2-2 at the time) and watched the Ducks win 5-4 in overtime on a 'sudden death' goal 45 seconds into the overtime period.

I went next door for a while and sat by our neighbor's fire (John and Deb Dye) talking with them and Harry for about an hour.....nice to be able to sit outside wearing flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt!

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