Friday, May 29, 2015

TVC - Day 20 - The Hookup

Thursday did feel like 4th work....just a round trip drive down to Carson City to shop, get a haircut and hookup with Newell friends Tom and Darlene at In 'N Out Burger for lunch.......then escort them up HWY 50 and into the Tahoe Basin where they were to spend the night at TVC before continuing their trip into Sacramento Friday.

TLE and I left TVC around 9:20 and were at the Supercuts just off HWY 395 a little after 10:40 we were on our way to Costco to pickup some items......

.......where I discovered, much to my delight, they now have quite an impressive craft beer selection, and actually carry one of my all time favorites by the case....Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout.....previously I had only been able to find this amazing brew at specialty shops....and to boot they were only charging $3.99 per 22 ounce bottle......

After Costco we headed directly to Trader Joe's and just about the time we were passing through the checkout line I got a text from Tom that they were 10 minutes away from our the time we loaded our groceries in the car we saw their 46 foot Newell entering the Walmart parking lot.....can't get timing much better than that.

Once they were parked we walked over to the In 'N Out for lunch.....

Now all we need are the burgers!

We had a great time, as we always do, talking, laughing, giggling whilst sitting outside in the warm Carson Valley air......I decided to ride with Tom in his 2002 Newell while the girls decided to run into Walmart for a few items......we arrived at TVC just a few minutes before they did.....once Tom had his coach connected we decided to make a run up to Inspiration Point at Emerald Bay for a few pictures........

  My buddy Tom and I

 You can just see the stone 'Tea House' on the island

 If you look carefully you can see Vikingsholm peeking out from the Sugar Pines right in the middle of the picture

We got back home around 6 and immediately set about getting chairs out of the trailer, and lighting our first campfire of the season......I grilled boneless chicken breasts seasoned by Darlene while TLE and Darlene prepared baked potatoes, green beans and corn for our evening meal......a perfect ending to a 'Hookup' kind day.....

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  1. Now Marcia is going to have a reason for a Costco card...thanks a lot! (lol)


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