Saturday, May 30, 2015

TVC - Day 21 - Project day

We all love Friday's, right?  When I was working I loved Friday's because that meant the weekend was that I am retired I love Friday because it's really 5th Saturday......operating on my theory that once you retire every day feels like Saturday.  Being Friday it also meant our friends, Tom and Darlene, would be departing for the Sacramento area so more 'until next times' would be in order at some point.

Of course, any day that is called 'Saturday' means there may be projects to be started and/or completed.  My first project was to troubleshoot why the right burner on our outdoor Coleman stove was not burning properly....I disassembled it to find a spider had been living in there since last summer....once his nest was cleaned out the burner worked properly once again!  Another project that has been lurking in the back of my mind for months was the replacement of the screen in the window over the dinette table.  When we first bought our Newell the screen was missing from this window so after a few trips I decided to remove the window and replace the screen, which I did.  When I re-installed the window my seal job on the window frame was less than adequate and during the first big rain storm we encountered there was some leaking.  When things dried out I used some marine grade silicone caulk to seal it as best I could, but I knew I would need to remove the window at some point to install new butyl tape......

Butyl Tape

You can see the butyl oozing out at the edge of the frame....this means I have done the job properly this time.

 The new screen installed

.....well the day of reckoning was 5th Saturday.....the old screen material had pulled away from the aluminum strip you can see in the picture, as you can see it is once again properly seated, and taut once again. 

Of course this project would not be complete without at least two trips to the DIY (Do It Yourself) store.  Over all it took me about 4 hours beginning to end, including the two trips to DIY.  I started just before Tom and Darlene fact Tom accompanied me to the DIY store on the first trip.  We bid our adieu's to them knowing full well they will return for 10 more days of fun in just over a week.

By the time I finished re-installing the window and was satisfied that it had been properly done it was closing in on 3 pm and I was ready for a nap, which, of course, I took.  All during the process TLE was there when I needed an extra hand, and to encourage me onward, but when I did not need her assistance she was busy deploying our sun shade, and putting the finishing touches on our little TVC environment.....

 Now all the 'stuff' is deployed!

We ended 5th Saturday BBQing carne asada for tacos, and watching the Tampa Bay Lightning vs. N.Y. Rangers NHL game 7 outside.....Tampa Bay won 2-0 advancing to the Standley Cup we await the game 7 between the Ducks and Blackhawks on Real Saturday.

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