Sunday, May 3, 2015


Real Saturday was a real sportsman's holiday....there was the Kentucky Derby, game 7 of the Clippers vs. Spurs (NBA), and 'THE FIGHT'......but I get slightly ahead of myself.....

For the first time since my brief foray into the frigid air in Flagstaff I put my Cannondale Bad Boy together, checked the air in the tires, and headed out for a ride........a ride that I have done with regularity every time I find myself in Riverside.  Around 1:30, in the heat of the day, I headed down University towards the beginning of the paved trail to the top of Mt. Rubidoux, then down the backside slicing through the breeze to the SART (Santa Ana River Trail), then around the lake in Fairmont Park, and back to Kate's home.......10 miles in all.......a reaffirmation for me that I can still make that climb to the top without suffering cardiac arrest.

The visual proof of my triump

At 3:30 pm the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby was held......I usually skip the 2.5 hours of television hype before the race, which started at 1 pm, which I once again skipped.....the favorite, American Pharaoh won, as predicted.

Then at 5 pm the real heavy weight fight of the evening began.......between the L.A. Clippers and the San Antonio Spurs.  This was probably, by far, the best 'game 7' I have ever watched.  Both teams refused to blink....both teams shot over 50% from the field.....everyone on both teams played up to their the end it came down to one final, improbable basket made by Chris Paul with 1 second remaining in the game giving the Clippers the 109-107 victory over the defending champions.

Then it was time for the much anticipated Welter Weight fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.  I don't really follow boxing on any level, but I do occasionally watch a championship match.  My daughter and her fiance ordered the fight from DirecTV and had a bunch of their friends over, which are also our friends.......TLE and I have known most of these 'kids' since they were in elementary school, so they are kind of like our kids, too.

 Some of the ladies

The 'beard' contingent watching it in 'HD'

 The outdoor contingent.....I am on the right in this picture

We set up two TV's outdoors by the coach, and then there was the inside TV with the fight in 'HD'.....I prefer sitting outside as much as possible, and am seen here with my so Tim (on my left), and his intended....Laila to his left.

The fight turned out how I expected it to.....Mayweather won his 48th fight against zero defeats by 'out pointing' his opponent......he won a unanimous was an unremarkable fight, so I will end without further remarks.........

We spent the rest of the evening sitting by the fire talking, and enjoying the balmy evening.  At one point I asked Laila what time it was, thinking should would say 11 pm, but she surprised me by replaying "12:30 am"......wait, what?  

It was a remarkable day and evening, and the time spent with my kids talking far outstrips the memories of the sporting events.......thanks for stopping by!

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