Monday, May 4, 2015

'Catalina Eddy' is not a person....

We have been in the midst of a minor heatwave here in SoCal, but at last we saw the normal May/June weather return on Sunday.  We call the typical weather this time of year 'May/June Gloom'.......during this time of year we get a phenomenon called the 'Catalina Eddy' which pushes the marine layer way inland giving you overcast mornings which eventually give way early afternoon to sunshine......the overcast skies in the mornings tend to drop the temperatures 10-15 degrees, and that is where we found ourselves Sunday morning.....the high for Sunday was 76, and the temperatures the remainder of the week we are here will actually drop back into the 60's for a couple of days.

With the overnight drop in temperatures came the missing sound of the A/C whirring in the background......normally we are heading northward well before we need to begin running our A/C, but stuff happens and you end up running the A/C.  In just a few days we will be running the electric heaters every morning as we settle in at South Lake Tahoe for the is still quite cool up there with day time temps in the 50's and 60's until at least July.

Around 2 pm we went out to get the VW washed, detailed and to put a smile back on her face.....she's been living in pretty dirty, dusty regions for the past 3 months......whenever in town we use Main Street Car Wash.......we have always gotten good service there......we always get the Combo #1 for $18.99....a little steep, but more fun to watch someone else contort themselves inside the car to clean the glass, and vacuum those tight spaces!

Yep.....she's smiling!

From there we headed over to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things, then back home for the afternoon.  

The other day my grand daughter, 'Charlie', came to the door asking if I could put air in her inflatable ball so I took her out to the trailer where my bike pump and 'ball needle' are......she paid very close attention to the process, and when I was done asked if she could do it next time, and I told she could, but she needed to let me know when she needed to do it.  She came to me twice more over the weekend and I let her do the work.....I was very impressed with her memory, and when we were done everything was back where it belonged.

Like I've said before.......this is the best part of life.........thanks for stopping by!

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