Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TVC - Day 9 - Hail, sleet, rain.....in that order

I'm beginning to feel like I am living in a 'rain forest'......periodically we get sun, but nothing ever has time to dry out.  The low pressure ridge that has stalled over northern part of the Sierra Nevadas brings some precipitation almost every day.  The natives say we have had more snow and rain the past 10 days than all winter long.....well I guess I'll second that notion!

Sunday was a work day for us and we were on our way over to the office by 7:55 am......as part of my 'Ranger' duties I have been asked to inspect all 428 sites to be sure each one is in good operating condition.....while I was out making my first 'site check' round of the day TLE was preparing an excel spread sheet form for me to use to inspect 1) the electrical pedestal, 2) the breakers inside, 3) sewer cap......is there one there?, 4) cable TV hookup, 5) fireplace....if there is one, 6) picnic table, and 7) water faucets at each site and report what needs to be done, if anything, to bring them 'up to snuff'.

Upon my return from my field operations she had the form ready, and after a few adjustments to the form she printed off a few for me to begin my individual inspections of each site.  The sections here are labeled 'A', 'E', 'F' and 'G' (G being the newest and A being the oldest), but the numerical beginning of the sites (#101) is in section 'G'.....in fact the numerical order of the sites takes us backwards through the alphabet (G,F,E and then A).....don't ask me why, because I don't know.  There is still a lot of undeveloped land here at TVC, and I am sure the original owners had plans to fill in the missing letters of the alphabet (B, C and D), but sewer permits became harder to come by over the past 20 years here in South Lake Tahoe, and the park ultimately stalled out at 4 sections.

Naturally, I began my inspection program with site #101 and managed to get to site #178 when suddenly the hail began......it was as if someone had turned a very big bucket upside down and just dumped ice crystals on our collective heads.  Fortunately I had the office electric golf cart with me (a roof, but no windshield) and made a dash back to the office....by the time I got there the hail had turned to sleet, then shortly thereafter to steady rain, which continued the rest of the afternoon.

Most of the remaining work to be done prior to the Memorial Day weekend is outside, and requires dry conditions to be done (painting picnic tables, painting street markings, raking sites, etc.), so we all, other than the office personnel, clocked out for the day shortly after lunch time.....if not for the precipitation I probably could have finished section 'G' within another hour, or so.  Before I clocked out I began to write the work orders for each site needing attention.....the things that need fixing are relatively minor, but there are a lot of them.....missing screws from the electrical box doors, leaky faucets needing new washers, missing sewer caps, fireplaces that need cleaning, missing site tag clips, etc.  I would say 70% of the sites need no attention, but that leaves the 30% that do.

TLE stayed on for about an hour after I left to help in the office, but ultimately they were over staffed for a Sunday so she came home about 1......we both spent the afternoon reading and enjoying the steady rainfall.

Ah yes.....another day in our own personal 'rain forest'.......thanks for stopping by!

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