Thursday, April 28, 2016

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.........LIFT OFF!

I was personally up by 5 am anticipating turning over the big Detroit 6V92 at 7 am, and being on the road no later than 8.  We didn't have a lot to do except unplug, and dump our tanks.   I wrote the blog and then got busy with a few tasks as the sun was peeking over the for what passes for the eastern horizon in Fontana......TLE was up 6 and preparations for lift off were in full motion!

Precisely at 7 I fired up the 6V92.....I love to hear her purring first thing in the morning because that means we are rolling our wheels once again!  I pulled the coach over to the dump station where TLE (who was finishing one last load of wash) joined me.  We were done dumping by 7:30 and rolling our wheels by 7:37.

As we edged up Ayala Ave. towards the 210 FWY I once again turned to TLE and said...."It's good to be moving again", to which she replied as she always does....."Yeah.....".  We crested Cajon Pass about 35 minutes later and within minutes were exiting to US HWY 395 northbound......ahhhh...back on the 'Mother Road'!

We took a break at Kramer Junction (aka: Four Corners) and were back on our way in about 10 minutes.........

......we had less than 200 miles to our first overnight stop at Boulder Creek in Lone Pine, CA so our early start meant we should arrive in Lone Pine near noon time.  The drive northward was completely uneventful....we had a slight tail wind which  is always nice......

......soon we were taking our second rest stop at Coso Junction....a tradition for us......I remember stopping here often with my parents back in the 60's when Coso Junction was called "Gil's Oasis"......... up was a quick stop at the Post Office in Olancha where TLE put a letter in the mail..... expected we arrived at Boulder Creek RV Park just before noon, and were in our site by 12:15.  Boulder Creek is another tradition we have......whenever we are north, or southbound on US HWY 395 we almost always (last year was the exception) overnight at this park....virtually all of their sites are pull through, and at least 60 feet in length.

.....after a brief rest and snack we headed into Lone Pine to take a tour of the Lone Pine Museum of Film all our years of driving through Lone Pine we had never taken the time to visit this local institution......

 Made a couple of new friends at the museum....

Of course, when in Lone Pine there must be the pictures of Mt. Whitney....highest mountain in the Continental USA....14,505'

After touring the museum (which we thoroughly loved) and watching a 10 minute film on the extensive history of film making in, and around Lone Pine we headed off for a walk around town, ultimately ending up at the 'Pizza Factory' where we ordered a pizza for dinner later.  Yelp gives them (we found out later) a 2.5 out of 5 stars based on over 140 reviews, and we would have to agree.....not the best pizza ever, but passable.

We spent the evening relaxing, reading, and watching the latest episode of 'Survivor'.....tomorrow (Thursday) we push further north to the Eastern Sierra mountain town of Lee Vining.

We both felt like excited 'school girls' as we cruised north.....we have spent a lot of time this year in a stationary position, and, in fact, we will be sitting still once again for over 4 months when we reach SLT, but after that we will be changing it up dramatically.....stay tuned!

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  1. if you have need for them i have a complete set of insulited wraps for your engine never used i now have prevost wit detroit and it came with i will ship them if you pay frieght wmoureau@

  2. i should have said from houston texas they are in a duffel bag

  3. Good to catch up to you and TLE again. Congrats on the new fam members. We have 5 little ones now and looking for #6 soon. Seems impossible. Happy trails to SLT! Ivan


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