Thursday, April 21, 2016

DEAL Alert!!!

We got another earlyish start on our now resumed daily walk around 10 am....we decided to extend our circuit a couple of blocks west to put our total back over 3 miles again....we managed 3.3 miles at 3.7 mph which was a big improvement over Tuesday's anemic 2.4 miles at 3.5 mph.

Around 11:30 we drove over to the Rialto 'old town' area on Riverside Avenue to see if there were any thrift shops, and did find one, but there was nothing we could not live without so we pushed on to the Salavation Army thrift store down near I-10 and Sierra where I came across one of my best thrift shops finds ever.....a 25 foot 50 amp extension cord.....brand new for $49.....but wait, it gets better!  Wednesday they were having a store wide 40% off listed price sale so I got it for $29!  These extension cords routinely cost anywhere from $80 to $120.  SUWEEEET.....

50 amp Nu-Cord extension cord

.....of course there are those who would say "You already have a 25 foot 50 amp extension cord", and you would be right, but my feeling is can never have too many extension cords.....that's my theory and I'm sticking to it! Besides, how could any self respecting RV owner walk away from a deal like that?

TLE managed to find a few more articles of clothing at the nearby Goodwill she could not live without, and we were home by 3 pm....that's probably the most amount of time in a day we have spent 'junking' in a long, long time, but time well spent!

We received a call from our daughter Meredith on our way out to go junking asking if she could come 'hang out' with us, and we, naturally, answered we were, so she arrived at our coach around 5 pm, and around 5:30 we headed out to check out a local Mexican seafood restaurant called 'Mariscos Del Pacifico' (5 stars on 74 reviews - Yelp) up on Foothill about 2 miles away. about an accurate rating!  We would all agree that 5 stars is the appropriate rating.  TLE had their famous shrimp cocktail, and Meredith and I each had one fish taco and one shrimp taco.....very large portions at reasonable prices, good service, and amazing dining experience!

We were home by 7 and bidding adieu to our daughter who still had a longish drive home......we always enjoying hanging out with our kids, and our time with Meredith was no exception.

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