Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Good morning!  It's another beautiful SoCal morning......sun in the cloudless sky, no snow on the ground, projected highs in the 70's all week with lows in the mid 50's......all week......sleeping with the windows open.....all week.  With the rare exception of rain, and the occasional winter heatwave that is how it has been for the last two and a half months.  It's a tough life, but someone has got to live it, right?

I spent more time Tuesday morning cleaning another third of the coach, putting away the patio recliners, and then around 11 am I put both Cannondale's on the bike rack and we got in the VW to head up to the Fontana Elks Lodge to check out the available sites, and the logistics of getting into them.......BUT the car would not big problem.....forgot to turn off the XM Radio on Saturday and since we haven't driven the car since then, ran down the battery.  Normally, when we are able to park the VW close to the Newell I just pull out the jumpers and connect them to the house batteries at the right front of the coach, but in our present configuration we are parked too far away for that so I got out our compact battery charger and went back inside to read for an hour.  Sure enough, after an hour the car started right up and we were on our way to Fontana just after noon time.

We were at the Elks Lodge by 12:30 and after a short inspection decided site #6 would work for us......most of the sites are 'back in' sites, and site #6 is a little over 60' long, so we can keep the trailer with us.  All but one, or two of their sites have 50 amp service so we are good to has been a long time since we have been plugged into 50 amps!  From there we headed over to the Cactus Ave. PET* trailhead, which is also currently the eastern terminus of the PET*, to take a bike ride....TLE has not ridden her bike since we were at South Lake Tahoe last summer so this was quite an event for both of us.  We rode west for about 6 miles before turning around, and finished our ride just shy of 12 miles.  Since the PET is located directly behind the Fontana Elks Lodge we plan to do a lot of riding over the next two weeks before we set sail for South Lake Tahoe......I can even see us getting out the Cannondale Tandem for a ride, or two!

As we were getting off the freeway at Mission Inn Ave. I mentioned to TLE how I had a craving for a pastrami sandwich, and, much to my surprise, TLE said she would did too, so we headed directly over to the local Farmer Boys restaurant for just that......this particular location, at the corner of University and Lime, has a nice alfresco dining area so we sat outside enjoying both our pastrami sandwiches and the wonderful balmy air.  We were home by 3 pm amazed that another day was fast drawing to an end.

Within two weeks we will be heading to 6,300' elevation for the next four and a half months, and it will be pretty cold at night for the first two months, and if history is any indicator we will probably see some snow sometime in May.  I'm already beginning feel that vague sense of ennui I always feel when it is time to say our 'until next times'.  Wednesday will see us putting in the patio awning, cleaning off the awning mat, stowing the 'malibu' lights, cleaning off the last third of the coach and generally getting ready for a Thursday morning departure to drive the 23 miles up to the Elks Lodge where we will spend our last two weeks in SoCal.

Thanks for stopping by!

*PET = Pacific Electric Trail

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