Thursday, April 14, 2016

Skullduggery and other happenings......

What did our last day in Riverside look like?  Well, it was very busy, that is for certain.  We went for our last hike to the top of Mt. Rubidoux around 10:30 am.....we started out slow taking the path up the south side of the mountain......I crested the summit a couple of minutes ahead of TLE as I usually do on this route, but within a mile she had overhauled me......for some reason she can actually walk faster than I downhill.  When I turned to see she was catching up I accelerated a little to stay ahead, and managed to stay about 10 yards ahead of her with great effort being expended......I was determined not to run to stay ahead of her.  As I approached the gate I was not hearing her steps behind me anymore, and figured she was dropping off the pace, so (without taking a look back) I decided to slow down and begin to cool down from the 3.9 mph pace I was setting.....about 200 yards from the car TLE suddenly sprinted by!  No wonder I didn't hear her foot steps!  I had forgotten that in college TLE ran barefoot when she trained for middle distance races.  I love it that she is so competitive, but I never suspected she would resort to skullduggery to win the foot race to the car......LMAO!!!

We were home by 12:15 pm, and getting texts from our daughter, Kate, that the appraiser/inspector was coming by between 1 and 1:30 pm for the final inspection which will trigger the closing of escrow.....YAY....FINALLY!  He arrived about 1:15, and by 1:30 he advised the house had passed the final inspection, so not it is just a matter of everyone vacating the property, including us!  

Once the sun was off the driver's side and front of the coach I began to finish cleaning the final third of the coach in preparation for our move on Thursday.  Once that was done we pulled up the awning mat, draped it over the cinderblock wall along the property line in the backyard and then power washed both sides of it to clean off 2.5 months of dirt, and gunk.  From there I proceeded to dump the black tank, pull off the tire covers (all 8 of them), finish putting away the final things in the trailer (XM Radio, tools, etc.) and then secured all the cabinets.....we won't be inserting the VW for the 23 mile drive.....TLE will drive it up to the Elks Lodge.  Around 6:30 we stowed the patio awning.....the final Wednesday task.....Thursday morning I will disconnect the utilities, and drop the trailer on the hitch and off we go!

Wednesday night there were two notable NBA basketball games.....the first, of course, was the Golden State Warriors going for their 73rd win against 9 losses this year to break the single season record, and they did that easily.  The second was bitter sweeet.....the last game Kobe Bryant would play in his career.  The Lakers had only won 16 games this year prior to last night (they are really awful!!), and there was not much expectation anywhere in the sporting world that they would win their 17th, or that Kobe, in his 20th NBA season at the age of 37 would have a good game, let along a great game......BUT that is exactly what happened......he brought the Lakers from way behind to win by scoring 60 points in his final NBA game....a nice way to end a career.....kind of like hitting a 'walk off' homerun in your final at bat.  Congratulations Kobe on a great career, and for all the joy you have brought L.A. fans over the last 20 years......jeez.....I was 46 when Kobe began his can that be?!

Kobe.....60 points in his final NBA game

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