Thursday, April 7, 2016

Beep, Beep, Beep....

.....yep, the CO2 alarm inside the tented house is still going strong.  I told TLE this inconvenience is also a great lesson on HOW LONG a 9 volt battery can last.....apparently their lifespan is without end......thankfully Thursday (today) the fumigators return to remove the tent and then we will be able to silence that alarm.  It' amazing how loud it is even with a heavy duty tent over the house.....ahhh I just saw the fumigator truck park in front the house.....SERENITY NOW!!!

I stepped out of the coach around 7:30 am Wednesday and I could already feel the heat in the air.....the forecast predicted temperatures in the high 90's.....I think it got to least that is what the outdoor temperature reading was while we were in the VW around 3 pm.  We had decided the day before we would not go walking Wednesday due to the heat and rising humidity.

We had to be available at 1 pm for an Amazon Webinar which is part of the hiring process.  They used to do this part 'one on one' with a phone call, but now they can present the same information to 50, or 60 people at one time and answer questions.  It appears there is a possibility we may not be hired at the Haslet, TX facility as we had desired as they filled all their Camperforce positions two weeks ago.  According to the 'presenter' if we haven't already received a job offer from Haslet we probably will not.  We should have more information on that in the next few days.

Since the CO2 alarm was still doing its job we decided to go see a movie at the Riverside Plaza theaters.....Allegiant (part of the Divergent series) had a show time of 3:20 pm so we left around 2:45.    This is a theater where you pick your seats at the time you purchase your tickets.  We purchased ours online through and chose seats in the middle of the back row......F5 and F6....there are only six rows due to the new electric leather recliners.  The last time we saw a movie there I didn't think the recliners RECLINED enough, but it appears they have adjusted them, because now they do.  We enjoyed the movie and are looking forward to the final installment whenever it comes out.  IMDB gives the movie a 3  out of 5 star rating....we would be closer to 4.  The great thing about going to see a movie at 3:20 pm in the middle of the week is you virtually have the entire theater to yourself.....there were only two other people in the theater besides us.

After the movie we crossed the street to 'Pick Up Stix' for some Chinese food (Kung Pao Chicken and Beef & Broccoli) point in heading right back home to the incessant 'Beep, Beep, Beep......pause.....Beep, Beep Beep', right?  We did eventually arrive back home just before 7 pm.

Relief is just minutes away.....the tenting is down, the tarps are being folded, and we will be in the house soon to silence the 'Beep, Beep, Beep' is good.....or it will soon be good again in just minutes........

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