Tuesday, April 26, 2016

T minus 2

Monday was a mixed bag.....we had rain during the night so the VW was wet first thing in the morning, and, as is my habit when presented with moisture on the car in the morning, I wiped her down.  The day began cloudy and pretty much remained cloudy all day long with another rain storm hitting early evening about 6:30.  We ran both heaters Monday for the first time in several months.....in fact, we had not run any heaters for almost a week.

Next up, after caressing the VW for about 20 minutes, was a return to the 'scanning station' in the trailer to do another couple of hours of scanning.  It seems that every time we go out there the pile of pictures to be scanned remains about the same....I know we've scanned hundreds, if not over a thousand pictures in the last few days, but it seems like we are digging a hole in a sand pit....with every shovel of sand we dig out a half shovel of sand slides back into the pit.  Around noon TLE declared we had gone as far as we were going to go on this round, and the remaining pile of photos was now manageable as far as taking them with us.  We are hoping we can finish the mammoth task of scanning 30 years of pictures into the digital age sometime this summer.

After taking down the 'scanning station' and putting away the tables I took two of my fuel containers up to the local 'Food For Less' fuel station to take on 10 gallons of diesel at $2.09/gallon (diesel is running close to $2.50 and higher locally).  My reason for this is I would like to arrive at SLT with about 1/2 tank (or more) of fuel (90 gallons) and I don't want to have to actually drive the rig into a local station to top off my tank.....most of the local stations in this area are quite claustrophobic when it comes to maneuvering a 62' rig in and out of them. I'll pick up 10 more gallons Tuesday and pour them into my tank and then we are ready to go.

We headed back into Rancho Cucamonga for one last mail check, and then to down to the house in Ontario to say our 'until next times' to Nick, Kate and Charlise, then up to my son Chris' home in Rancho Cucamonga to bid adieu to Chris, TAR*, Christopher, Cynthia and D.C. (great grandson).  As it turned out Cynthia and D.C. were out shopping, but I did see Cynthia at the office so we only missed D.C.  On the way up to Chris' house the skies opened up as I mentioned earlier, so we were slogging through rush hour traffic and a heavy down pour replete with thunder and lightning....we even spied snow on the local San Bernardino Mountains.

We were home just before 8 pm and ready to just relax......just two more nights in Fontana before we fire up the Detroit Diesel 6V92 once again and roll our wheels!

Thanks for stopping by!

*TAR = The Amazing Rochelle

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