Wednesday, April 27, 2016

T minus 1 - The last 'until next time'

Tuesday promised to be a busy day, and it did not disappoint.  My job was to get the trailer ready for Beetle insertion first thing Wednesday morning (a lot to do there) and give the coach a once over for road worthiness.....check the oil, check and adjust air pressure on all 10 tires (coach and trailer), check coolant levels, pull off wheel covers and stow, secure patio awning for travel, clean the windshield......and on it went.

Meanwhile, TLE had a hair appointment in Claremont, a BIG, BIG shopping to do (that pantry was looking pretty bare!), and a stop at the local tire shop to get a slow leak in the right rear tire fixed......yep, the same one I plugged a few weeks ago after I found it flat in the driveway.  

While TLE was gone I plugged away at my tasks.....I got a text from her about 1 pm saying 'they' were going to have to replace the tire.....uggggh!  Apparently it didn't go flat in the driveway.....we must have driven on it the day before not realizing it was going flat.....oh well.

TLE was home by 3 pm with a Beetle full......I mean really FULL......of groceries and sundries.  It took her the rest of the afternoon to stow all that food away.....meanwhile I continued finishing my tasks, and finally got around to getting the final 10 gallons of diesel poured into our tank.  We should arrive at SLT* with just over 1/2 tank, which is my goal.

Mariscos Del Pacifico.....muy magnifico!!!

We had arranged to meet Tim and TBL** at Marisco Del Pacifico at 7 pm for may recall we just ate there a few days ago with Meredith.  Well, we were so impressed we went back for an encore.....this time I joined TLE in ordering the medium shrimp that was amazing.....I never thought I would hear myself say this, but there was almost tooo much shrimp!  I can't even imagine ordering the large portion!

Until next time TBL** and Tim

I have to say one more time that our extended visit to SoCal this year has been wonderful,  satisfying, heart warming, and way exceeded our expectations.  We were able to spend a lot of time with family and friends, and a lot of time with our new grandchild, Brayden James.  In just a few weeks our daughter Kate will be giving birth to our sixth grandchild, Jolene.......we saw Kate, Nick and Charlise move into, and take over our family home completely remodeling is good!

Thanks for stopping by!

*SLT = South Lake Tahoe
**TBL = The Beautiful Laila

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