Friday, April 1, 2016

The 'brakes'......

Thursday was 'tenting' day at my daughter's least that was the plan.  Termites are always an issue here in SoCal, so more often than not in order to sell an older home you end up having the home fumigated to mitigate termite encroachment, and that is the case with this house.  Since one has to, obviously, move out while the fumigation and tenting take place we were alone Thursday awaiting the termite guys to let them into the house to do their job.  They were scheduled to arrive between 2 and 4 pm, so we had to hang out awaiting their arrival......

Since we also needed to be sure the guy from SoCal Gas came to turn off the natural gas we decided to just stay home for the day.  I spent a lot of time working on TLE's Cannondale F600 bike hydraulic disc brakes.....she has not ridden that bike in quite a while, and apparently the rear disc brake needed to be bled as it was not working.  As I took the components apart it was revealed that all the hydraulic fluid had leaked out, and the residue was clogging up the brake lever mechanism, so I took it apart and cleaned it out.  What started out to be a simple tuneup turned out to be a 2 hour job, but I did get the rear brake working again.....YAY!

By that time it was closing in on 3 pm so I decided to take a quick bike ride doing my 10 mile loop up over Mt. Rubidoux, along the SART, through Fairmont Park, and home.  TLE remained behind to let the termite guys in who had not yet arrived when I departed a little after 3 pm.  The ride went well, and I found I was able to push a much taller gear up the 2 mile climb to the summit averaging close to 9 mph for the climb......all that walking and long bike rides is paying dividends....I am getting more fit!

I arrived back home a little after 4 pm and the termite guys had not yet arrived........about 4:30 pm TLE texted Kate to let her know the termite guys were a 'no show'.  As it turns out they had come by the house, but decided due to the height of the house, and the pitch of the roof they needed safety gear they did not have with them so they just left and did not notify, or call anyone until Kate called them.  At any rate it looks like they will be back Friday to do the tenting.

Another thing I have been attempting to do for TLE's bike, and this is the reason she has not been riding her bike, is get her an adjustable stem so she can raise the level of her handlebars taking some pressure off her wrists as she rides.  Over the years her wrists have begun to get numb as she rides as she must lean over so much it puts enough pressure on her aging wrists which as begun causing this numbing problem.  The Cannondale F600 has what is called a 'Headshok', or a built in shock absorber in the steering tube.  The stems used on these bikes are 1.56" in diameter, which is a much wider diameter than the norm, so trying to find an adjustable stem has been difficult, if not impossible.  I have been looking for over a year.....I thought on more than one occasion I had located a source only to find they were out of stock.  Finally I found a source on eBay and have now ordered the new adjustable stem for her....., at last that problem has been addressed......this is certainly much less expensive than buying a new bike for her, which is what I was beginning to think I would have to do.

That was, essentially, our Thursday......just 7 days until we roll our wheels......thanks for stopping by!

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