Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Full plate....."

The Santa Ana winds blew all night Friday night and were still blowing Saturday for most of the day, and with the Santa Ana's come warmer temperatures.  We had two events scheduled for Saturday which would take up the majority of the day.....first up was to help Kate and Nick move their furniture over to the 'new' house (our former home) to be stored in the garage until the remodel is done in a couple of weeks.  Simultaneously, we had to get all the of debris resulting from essentially gutting the house hauled away so there would be room for the furniture.  TLE and I were tasked with meeting the junk hauler at the house (our old home) by 7 am (had to get up a little after 5, and leave the coach by 6:40)......of course, the junk guy did not arrive until close to 8 am, but all went took him two loads to remove all the refuse from the garage, and just as he was finishing loading up the truck for the second load the UHaul truck arrived with Kate and Nick's furniture, etc......great timing!

We were done unloading the UHaul truck by 1:30 pm, and on our way back home to get showers, change clothes and then return to Ontario at 4 pm for Tim and TBL's* official engagement party at the home of her grand parents, Mark and Cathy.

Tim and TBL*

The groomsmen.......

The future bride's court

TBL* and I

We had a wonderful celebration accompanied by much drink and wonderful food....we were on our way home by 9 pm......that was a long day!

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TBL = The Beautiful Laila

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