Sunday, April 10, 2016

The 'bogey' men........

Our last Saturday residing at my daughter's property has now come and gone.  We're in the middle of 4 days of forecast on and off rain.....frankly that works out well since I'm spending most of the past 3 days watching The Masters.  Yesterday's 3rd round was another up and down day for the golfers.  At one point Jason Spieth had a four stroke lead, but gave away three strokes of that lead with a bogey, double bogey on the last two holes, so beginning Sunday morning he will hold a one stroke lead.....there are currently only 4 players under par for the tournament.  The weather guessers say the wind that has plagued the first three rounds will dissipate Sunday bringing better playing conditions.....we'll see.

Since the rain was not predicted to begin until sometime in the afternoon TLE and I took a walk out University and back......we covered 3.7 miles in all at an average mph of 4.1.....

.....while we were gone on our walk Sharon and Rod arrived with  'THE BABY', so TLE spent the afternoon playing with Brayden James, feeding him, and changing his diapers a few times while Sharon and Rod helped Kate and Nick with packing, and some debris removal from the crawl space under the of the last things to be done before the final inspection.  The final thing will be done Sunday when the stairs to the basement are rebuilt to code.

The 3rd round of The Masters finished just about 5 more day and then it is back to regularly scheduled programming!

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