Saturday, April 23, 2016

T minus five

As of Friday we have 5 days until we haul anchor and make our way north to South Lake Tahoe for the can tell, I know, that we are getting more eager by the day to be rolling our wheels once again.  As you can see from the weather snapshot below rain and snow are forecast for Wednesay, Thursday and Friday at SLT, and that is pretty much what the entire Eastern Sierra looks like for those three days......

......but it is still 5 days away so we'll just have to adjust based on what is happening at the time.

I finally received TLE's new bike stem I wrote about about weeks ago.  For some time she has been wishing she could ride her bike sitting more upright.  Short of buying a new bike with different geometry I suggested we try to find an adjustable stem for her bike so we could tilt it upward moving the handlebars upward, and closer to her riding position at the same time.  I have been looking for this stem for over a year, and finally found one on eBay out of Taiwan for $52......

Out with the old.....

.....on with the new

....I was not sure if this seemingly minor change would solve the problem, but thought it would be less expensive to try the stem first.  I spent about 30 minutes installing the new stem Friday morning and then we took an inaugural 15 mile round trip bike ride west on the PET* around 10 am.  After 15 miles TLE's initial impression is that she is able to sit more upright and take pressure off her wrists.  It will probably take a few more rides before the final verdict is in, but the preliminary results are very the way the weather has cooled off about 10 degrees barely got into the 80's Friday....much nicer!

We were back before noon time from our ride, and then TLE decided to go shopping while I puttered around.  I spent some time transferring files from my old Western Digital 300 gigabyte drive to my new 1 terabyte drive.....the old one was about full.  I remember not many years ago (late 80's) when our office got a new IBM PC for accounting which had a then 'massive' 20 megabyte drive and we wondered how we would ever need that much that drive could not handle the current windows programs.

We went to our last Friday night dinner in the Elks Lodge at 5 pm and enjoyed a wonderful taco salad dinner with our friends Steve and Candy (Steve was my sponsor to join this Lodge).

Just a few days to go....a few more days to hug the kids, grand kids, etc......thanks for stopping by!

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