Saturday, April 2, 2016


Over the past week TLE and I have seen a significant increase in our fitness and endurance.....just a few days ago, for the first time ever, I averaged 4.0 mph (TLE averaged 3.9---also a record for TLE) while walking/running the Mt. Rubidoux trail......Friday TLE and I both averaged just over 4.1 mph for 50 minutes and 12 seconds covering 3.4 miles running at all.  I think that is about as fast as we can walk without actually running......

.....the next phase in our attempt to design a sustainable fitness program begins Saturday when our future daughter-in-law, TBL*, will begin to teach us basic Yoga, and it is this along with walking that I believe we will be able to sustain while traveling.  It has been our inability to sustain any type of exercise program while rolling our wheels on a daily, or weekly basis that results in the continual battle of weight gain and loss, which we both know is not the optimal healthy way to live.  We tend to get fit while we are in one place for a month, or more and then slip back into inactivity when moving.....with the inactivity comes weight gain and loss of fitness.  The walking part of our fitness program we can do pretty much anywhere....often when we stop at Rest Areas we will walk around the rest area until we have logged a mile before getting back in the Newell to travel.  Now, with Yoga, which does not take a lot of space, we can add an element to our program to help us become more fit and remain at a level of fitness, and maintain a preferred weight more easily.

We left for our walk a little after 11 am and were finished and in our VW headed for, first, Downtown Cleaners & Shoe Repair to pick up my wedding/funeral saw a lot of use this past year and was in need of dry cleaning in a big way.  From there we drove south to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things including some fresh salmon to grill for dinner.....and that is one of our other more often to buy and eat fresh food on a daily basis.

We were back home by 1:30 may recall that the termite guys did not show up Thursday, and were supposed to come on Friday to do their job, but that was scuttled when they advised they would not be able to remove the tent until Tuesday.....that would mean Kate, Nick and Charlise would not be able to return until Tuesday after having vacated the property Thursday morning......5 nights and days!    Normally they should have come back Sunday to remove the tent and air out the hosue, but THEY DON'T WORK ON SUNDAYS, and they couldn't come back on Monday because they had a COMPANY MEETING....of course these things are all way more important than making an unhappy customer happy once again.  Gone are the days when a business screws up, but makes every effort to make it if had been me, I would have come on Sunday so the customer would get back into their home with a minimum of disruption.  So, in the end, Kate cancelled the $2,600 service from Terminex and gave the business to another fumigator who will be here Tuesday.

To put the finishing touches on a great Friday we had a lovely grilled salmon dinner with grilled asparagus, and then watched the current episodes of The Amazing Race and Hells' Kitchen before heading for dreamland once again.

Thanks for stopping by!

*TBL = The Beautiful Laila (also, now our future daughter-in-law)


  1. A great yoga app for the ipad is Yoga Studio. Leigh from Aluminarium introduced me to it through her blog. I think it cost me a few bucks, but I use it over and over again.

  2. Thank you Jeanne! Where are you, by the way, now?


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