Saturday, April 9, 2016


The Friday forecast called for rain on and off all day long and into the evening, and that is exactly what we received.  TLE was off to visit Brayden James for the day, and my plans pretty much saw me in front of the TV watching The Masters all day long.  Since the TV coverage on ESPN did not begin until Noon, I watched the first 5 hours via CBS streaming by running an HDMI cable from my laptop to the salon TV.  TLE was on her way to Rancho Cucamonga by 9:30 am, and I was officially on my own.

Brayden James at 9 weeks - finally got a picture of him with his eyes open and laughing

There were a couple of long lulls in the rain and I was tempted to get my bike out and take a quick ride, but each time I decided to get dressed the rain returned once again.  I was such a slug all day I didn't even get out to the trailer once.  Finally, around 4 pm I managed to walk all the way out to the street to bring in the trash cans.

Over the course of the 10 hours I watched The Masters Jordan Spieth was at the top of the leaderboard the entire time, sometimes by as much as 4, or 5 strokes, but by the end of the day the course took its toll....Jordan still had a lead, but only one stroke with Rory McElroy just one stroke behind.  Phil Michelson missed the cut along with a number of other notables.......only three players shot under par Friday.

TLE was back home by 5, and around 7:15 pm we headed over to one of our favorite local Mexican Restaurants, Pepitos's with Nick, Kate and Charlise to meet up with Tim and TBL* for dinner.  Five of us ordered their massive Cadillac Margarita's......Kate, being 30 weeks along in her pregnancy was our 'designated driver', and Charlise likes Root Beer better.....:-)  We had a delightful dinner and our conversation ranged over every topic under the sun.  It looks like, if all goes according to plan from this point on that Nick and Kate's home will close escrow in one week.....we will be moving up to the Fontana Elk's the day before (Thursday) for our last two weeks in SoCal before head north.

We were home before 10 pm watching a recorded episode of 'The Amazing Race' and then 'Hell's Kitchen'....we were off to dreamland by 11:30......

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*TBL = The Beautiful Laila


  1. I sure hope you get that SoCal weather squared away. We're expecting to overnight at the famous Rincon Parkway on Wednesday, starting our way north.

    1. The weather forecast for the next 10 days is pretty good, and you should have decent weather at Rincon....enjoy! It does look like it will be windy on Thursday and Friday though.

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