Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fontana living....

I spent part of Friday morning fixing the driver's side fender on the trailer......apparently as we were exiting Nick and Kate's driveway the rear portion of the fender (over the tires) caught the fence and was bent.  No problem, I just removed the 7 screws that secure the fender to the trailer, straightened out the fender and reattached it.....well, you have to believe it wasn't quite that easy, right?  There is the 'Hockwald Way' after all.  Three of the screws were so tight that I stripped the heads out trying to remove them so I had to drill them out.  All in all it took me about 2 hours to do a 45 minute job, but I got it done.

We had planned to drive over to my son's office to pick up our mail, have lunch at Rubio's, browse through the local Goodwill, then do some grocery shopping on the way home.  We left around 11:30 am for the drive.  One disadvantage to staying at the Fontana Elks Lodge is we are about 10-12 minutes from any freeway if we drive down Cedar.....if we drive down Sierra as we did Friday it takes about 25 minutes......a lot more traffic.....lesson learned.  In Riverside we were 2 minutes from the freeway, and walking distance to Fontana we are not walking distance to anything besides the local Stater Brothers supermarket.

After picking up our mail we spent about 40 minutes at the local Goodwill where TLE found a black sleeveless blouse she couldn't live without, and I found a .99 cent shot glass I couldn't live without.  Next up was a stop at Trader Joe's, then Costco where we fueled up the VW at $2.83/gallon......once again gasoline and diesel are getting more expensive in California....then went into the store and bought a few things.  We were home by 3:30 pm, and I was ready for a wears me out!  

Apparently sometime during the past few days I lifted something too heavy, or incorrectly because my lower back has been bothering the time we arrived home it was bothering me a lot so TLE prepared an ice pack for me, then after about 30 minutes she rubbed some Tigers Balm into the sore the time we went to bed my back was feeling a lot to avoid lifting anything too heavy Saturday!

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  1. Clarke, Diesel is $2.15 and Regular is $1.93 in Orlando area.


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