Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Gettin' hot!

Monday was another busy day here in Riverside as Kate's home edges slowly but surely toward CLOSE OF ESCROW!  There remained several things on the inspector's list to complete, and Nick had taken the day off to finish them.....with my help.  The temperature forecast was for low to mid 90's so before we got to work on the house TLE and I did our first 'solo' yoga routine, then did our routine Mt. Rubidoux hike......by the end of the hike we were wishing we had started earlier than 10:45.....it was hot and still....barely a breath of breeze the entire hike.  The heat kind of slowed us down.....we averaged about 3.8 mph for the 3.4 miles.

We were back home by 12:15.....thankfully we had turned the A/C on before we left in anticipation of our overheated state.  After about 15 minutes of cooling down I headed back outside to begin the tasks for which I had responsibility........caulk and put primer on a repair to the rear steps of the front porch Nick and I had done on Sunday.  Once that was finished I had to put primer on the forty-two roof joists on the covered porch that surrounds the front of the house which Nick had scraped and repaired the night before....he was working on them until after 10 pm.  Oh to be young again......Nick not only has been working hard on the Riverside house to get it through escrow, but putting in long hours on our old house in Ontario they are moving to in a couple of weeks.

The covered porch roof joists.....or at least I think that's what they are called

Once I finished the roof joists it was time to put primer on the exterior wall of the downstairs bathroom.....by the time I finished cleaning the paint brushes and rollers it was after 3 pm, and I was hot and thirsty.  While I was busy with all that Nick was running ground wires for two ungrounded outlets in the house, which was a lot more involved that one would think.  Now all that remains is for the fumigation company to come Tuesday to tent the house.

TLE and I spent the remainder of Monday inside enjoying the cool A/C air and reading.  To cap the day off we turned on the NCAA March Madness finale between North Carolina (the favorite) and Villanova.......North Carolina was favored to win, but as is my habit we rooted for the underdog.....Villanova won the game at the buzzer with a beautifully executed 3 point shot.  Can't ask for much more than that!

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