Monday, April 11, 2016

The future is not yet written.....

Just when you think the script is written, that there is nothing you can do to change what seems inevitable.......seemingly written in stone, something happens you were not expecting.....something that is so extraordinary, so surreal that you take a double, of not triple take.  You silently ask yourself....."did I just see what I just saw?"  Sometimes the question is not silent.....sometimes you hear yourself virtually yelling the question.  That happened yesterday while we were watching The Masters.  Just 2 holes before Jordan had birdied the 9th hole to go 7 under par......I remember telling TLE that barring some unforeseen, catastrophic occurrence Jordan Spieth would win The Masters......he was 7 under par, up by 5 strokes and had just birdied his 4th consecutive hole......he was on a roll.  Two holes later, after 2 consecutive bogeys,  Jordan Spieth was teeing off at the 12th hole......a 155 yard, par 3 hole called 'Golden Bell'.....he is leading the field by 3 strokes with just 7 holes to go and still seems to be in control of his fate.  His tee shot goes to the never want to miss this hole to the carries Rae's Creek.....barely....then hits the bank on the hole side of the creek and bounds backwards into the water.  

Okay.....a minor blip, right?......just drop your ball in the 'drop zone' and chip it on to the green and take your're still up by 2.  Instead of dropping the ball in the 'drop zone' he tees a ball up again and hits it......this one is several yards shorter, and still to the right, and lands in the he is lying 4, hitting 5.....his next shot goes into the bunker on the back side of the green, and now he is lying 5, hitting 6....ultimately he takes 7 strokes to get the ball in the hole.....4 strokes OVER par, and drops from 5 under par to 1 under par, and out of the lead for the first time in 7+ rounds at The Masters.

TLE and I sit there stunned......suddenly a guy who almost didn't play in The Masters this year as his wife was due to have a baby......she has the baby early, and and gets permission to enter the tournament.....he becomes that last official entrant in the 2016 Masters......Danny Willett from Britain......I had never even heard of him prior to this year's Masters.  Although Jordan Spieth seemed to recover quickly by making birdie on two of the next three holes, he never got any closer than 2 strokes.  Danny Willett went on to win posting a 5 under par final round score to win by 3 strokes.  Amazing!

So, why do I go into such detail about a sporting event in my daily blog?  That is certainly a good question, and here is my answer.  Live your life looking for the unexpected.....don't assume the script is written......don't assume there are no choices......there are always choices and possibilities, but if you acquiesce to what may seem inevitable you will most likely miss the chance to change the direction of your life.

TLE and I did our usual almost daily walk to the top of Mt. Rubidoux under threatening skies, and occasional sprinkles.  We decided not to push our limits this day, but still covered the 3.4 mile round trip walk averaging 3.7 mph in 54 minutes and 54 seconds.  We were home in time to catch the beginning of the televised portion of The Masters, which I have just recapped above.  Before our walk I did my usual workout......stretching, pushups (I can do two sets of 20 now), 'planking', etc.  (I'm up to 2.5 minutes 'planking' goal is 4.5 minutes).

Rain was forecast for Sunday afternoon, but it never really came....we had a few sprinkles, but that was it, however it continues to be very cool.  Just a few more days in Riverside!

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