Monday, June 17, 2019

A kind of hush......

8:28 am - Monday - June 17th - Ramona, CA - 60° F, 90% humidity, wind 4  mph out of the west by southwest.......marine layer again today (YAY!) with a forecast high of 76° F......the view this morning.......↴

Sundays are like night and day compared to Saturdays.  A 'kind of hush' falls over RORVR.....all of the Saturday revelers are busy putting away all the stuff they brought in case they wanted to use it, but never did.  Within a few hours Sunday RORVR will be mostly deserted bearing little resemblance to Saturday RORVR.  There is no music, there are no 'corn hole' games in progress, and the pool area is deserted.......

......and a deserted pool area is just what I need Sunday morning.  Normally I would vacuum the pool Wednesday, or Thursday, but the heavy usage of the pool Saturday demanded a response Sunday morning.  Both the pool and Jacuzzi were a little cloudy first thing, and had PH's approaching 8.0, but by the time I finished adding water, vacuuming, adding chlorine and muriatic acid both had achieved beautiful clarity once again.  It took me until almost 11:30 am to finish my pool work, and then it was time for lunch.  

On Sunday's we take lunch at 11:30 am since we only work until 2 pm.  When we return from lunch at 12 pm we have another two hours left in our day.  For the last two hours I tended to the horseshoe pits putting them back in ready to use condition, blew the eucalyptus leaves off the mini golf holes one more time, checked the water tank level (added 1,000 gallons), and finished my day blowing leaves and gravel off Oak Street where it runs along the fishing pond.

We were home by 2:15 pm where I immediately deployed the outdoor TV so we could sit outside watching the USA women play Chile in their 2nd match of the Women's 2019 FIFA World Cup.  The USA won handily 3-0 (it was not that close), and except for exceptional goalkeeper play by Chile's Ender it would have been closer to 7, or 8 to nil.  After watching the USA match we settled in to watch the final 9 holes of the U.S. Open Championship which was won by Gary Woodland with a 13 under par score.....3 strokes ahead of Brooks Koepka.  Tiger finished at 2 under par for the tournament......he never really got it going.

We have now completed 7 weeks here at RORVR, and are really enjoying our summer home.  Our RORVR managers are the exact opposite of those for whom we worked last summer at Smuggler's Den, and I can not emphasize that difference enough.  It's one thing to enjoy the people you with whom you work, but if your managers are petty, unappreciative, and only critical it can make for a miserable experience.  Here we are treated like adults, allowed to take on tasks which we see need doing, and trusted to do our jobs.

So far the weather here in Ramona at 2,200' elevation is even more moderate than we expected, and the long May/June gloom season bodes well for a comfortable summer.  We do expect it to get into the high 90's, and even low 100's, but those occasions should be the exceptions this summer and not the rule.....we'll see, right?  The humidity, while sometimes in the 90's some mornings, quickly drops to somewhere in the 50-60's range by late morning.

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