Sunday, June 9, 2019

Saturday projects......

6:35 am - Sunday - June 9th - Ramona, CA - 55° F, 82% humidity, wind - CALM.......clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 96° F.......the view this morning........↴

Saturday had a warm feel to it from the very was cooler inside the Newell at 8:50 am than it was outside as I got ready to leave for work.  I put on my RORVR hoodie sweatshirt thinking it was cold, but as soon as I stepped outside I realized my mistake.....this was not going to be a hoodie day!

As days go Saturday was a normal day.  I opened up the facilities, checked the water level in the water tower.....turned on the pumps for an hour to add 2,000 gallons, then headed back to the office to see if I had any special assignments....there were.  Some replacement parts had arrived (parts for one of our Stihl weed trimmers, a new filter for our water fountain at the pool, and a new light fixture for the pool room), and I spent the rest of the morning taking care of those projects.  Unfortunately, the water filter was not the correct one so that will have to be returned, and a new one ordered, but I took care of installing the other items.

In the afternoon I received some new signs to install in the pool area (gender neutral bathroom signs, no smoking signs, and then two signs which feature the summer hours for the Red Barn and Pool area (10 am to 9:30 pm).  I removed the winter hours signs, and hung the summer ones.

Once that was done I retrieved some 'liquid nails' caulk and headed back to the Red Barn to re-glue a piece of vinyl flooring on the dance floor which had popped up at one end.  I thought I had fixed this a week, or so ago, but apparently I did not apply sufficient 'liquid nails' on my first attempt.  So we'll see if my second, more generous application will do the trick this time.

So, now it was 2:30 pm....what to do for the last 90 minutes?  Well, those rascally eucalyptus trees keep shedding their leaves upon the mini golf holes, and I had not had a chance to blow them clean yet, so I retrieved the Stihl hand blower from the tool shed and went to work.  As I finished the 9 holes I transitioned over the paved road (Maple Street) to remove more eucalyptus leaves from that surface.  I slowly worked my way down the hill (moving my golf cart occasionally so I would not need to walk all the way back up the hill to retrieve it when I was done).  By the time I reached the intersection of Maple and Oak Streets I could see that there was a lot of sand, leaves and gravel on the section of Oak that passes by restroom #1, so I kept going.  By the time I finished cleaning that section it was almost exactly 4 pm, and time to head for the barn once again......
My leave blowing route Saturday afternoon (in green)

......TLE followed me home about 15 minutes later, and after my shower joined me outside to enjoy the early evening breezes before heading inside for dinner around 6:15 pm.  We spent the evening watching a couple of recorded FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 matches.  The World Cup (women) is in France this summer.  There is a 9 hour time differential between France and California so a lot of matches will have to be recorded as they will be played in the early morning hours while we are getting our beauty rest.....:-).  The USA plays their first match this coming Tuesday (June 11th).  

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