Wednesday, June 19, 2019

This and that.....

6:40 am - Wednesday - June 19th - Ramona, CA - 54° F, 97% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the west by northwest......sunny this morning with a forecast high of 79° F.....the view this morning......↴

On our non-work days we try to do something physical each day, and Tuesday we decided to take a walk together around the park.  TLE has this route she walks, when I am riding my bike, which covers about 1.25 miles, so that is what we walked......

.....I burned almost as many calories walking 1.25 miles as I did riding my bike for 3.6 miles on Monday, and in less time we'll do two loops!

We try to get out of the park at least one time per week, and Tuesday was that day this time around.  I spent about 30 minutes Tuesday before we went into town going through my two closets and my Rubbermaid storage bin pulling out items of clothing I had not been wearing.....mostly t-shirts, but there were also a couple of plaid shirts which did not make the cut.  By the time I was done I had a plastic trash bag full of clothing items to be donated back to the Goodwill.

We left RORVR around 11 am to make the 5 mile drive into Ramona where we had a number of errands to accomplish....

  • visit several local stores looking looking for a few items.....Damprid, new sunscreens for our Newell windshield, butane to recharge our two lighters, and guy line adjusters.
  • drop off my plastic bag of clothes at Goodwill
  • have lunch at Rubio''s Taco Tuesday after all
  • buy some groceries at Stater Brothers
  • do some 'junking'

...we struck out on the Damprid, sunscreens, and guy line the way, guy line adjusters look like this.....

.....we ultimately ordered those items from Amazon, and they will be delivered Wednesday.....there is it day delivery for free!

We made it to Rubio's about 12:30 pm and split two original fish tacos.....

.....from there we walked over to Stater Brothers and did our shopping.  I had not given up on the butane to recharge our Olympian lighters, and stopped at a 'smoke shop' on our way home to see if they had what we needed, and they did.  It used to be you could get the aerosol butane almost anywhere.  I guess most people just buy the disposable lighters now, but we really like the Olympians.....

....we were back home by 2:30 pm, and setting up the outdoor TV to watch another women's FIFA World Cup match between Italy and Brazil, which was won by Brazil 1-0 on a very questionable penalty kick.  For the most part the officiating at this World Cup has been pretty good, but there have been a couple of matches where it was really subpar from beginning to end.  While the officiating in this match appeared to be pretty good, we were disappointed in the awarding of the penalty kick late in game.

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