Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Free at last!

8:19 am - Tuesday - June 11th - Ramona, CA - 80° F, 39% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the west by northwest.....clear, blue skies this day with a forecast high of 96° F.....the view this morning.......↴

3rd successive day with temps in the 90's....one more day to go and then back into the 80's

Monday marked one month since I had my right eye cataract surgery, and I had a date with my optometrist at Pacific Eye Institute to see how well my eye had healed post surgery.  The appointment was for 11:30 am, so we left a little after 9 am to make the two hour drive, which was totally uneventful. We arrived at PEI at 11:05 am, and by 11:45 am I was being shown into the examination room.  Within minutes I was pronounced completely healed, and able to suspend the night time eye patch, and 4 times daily eye drops.....ahhhhh FREE AT LAST!

We decided to stop by my son's office (Chris) to pick up any mail we might have, and spent a few minutes talking with he and his daughter, Cynthia, and then headed over to Rubio's for lunch where TLE had arranged to meet my daughter, Sharon and her son Brayden, as well as our daughter-in-law, Laila (Tim's wife), and her son Crosby for lunch at Rubio's in Rancho Cucamonga at 12:30 pm.  By this time the temps in Rancho has pushed north of 100° F.  We normally utilize their alfresco dining area, but wanted to sit inside on such a hot day.  Well, everyone else had the same idea....normally we are fighting for space outside, but when it's over 100° F the inside seating becomes the battleground.  There was one 4 person table  available inside, but we were a party of 6 so TLE and I snagged the shadiest cornier of the alfresco dining area and awaited the arrival of our kids.  Sharon is a teacher, and, therefore, is on summer break, and Laila is still on maternity leave so they were the only ones available for lunch on a Monday......

....what a nice time we had chatting and eating some amazing fish tacos.  By 1:20 pm it was getting even hotter, so we bid adieu to our kids and headed back to Ramona with planned stops at COSTCO and TJ's.  I've had all my prescriptions transferred to the COSTCO in San Marcos (next to Escondido) and it was time to refill my numerous prescriptions.  The blood pressure, beta blocker and cholesterol medications are not that expensive....about $50 per month, but the Brlininta (super aspirin.....makes your blood less 'sticky' so it won't stick to the stint in my artery) without any discounts is $418/month!  Fortunately I received my first 30 day supply free, and I received from Palomar Medical Center a Brilinta discount card reducing that cost to $275.  Fortunately I only have to take Brilinta for 12 months!  They do have other programs which could further reduce my cost, but I needed a valid RX# to apply for those discounts, and will do so now.

From COSTCO we drove a few miles over to the local TJ's where TLE stocked up on wine, and some other food items we prefer to get from TJ's.  We were on our way back to RORVR by 4:30 pm arriving just after 5 pm to a very hot Newell.  We had chosen to leave the A/C off while we were gone, but it got so hot during the day (the high ended up being 101° F in Ramona), that it took 45 minutes to cool off the interior of the coach.  I think we'll leave one A/C running next time it is going to be this hot and we are going to be gone all day.

We spent the evening watching recorded Women's FIFA World Cup matches, and were in bed by 10 pm  happy to be done with eye appointments, and doctor appointments for at least 6 weeks now.....I have a followup appointment with my cardiologist in late July.

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  1. Good to hear your eye is all heaked up. Those temps are way to uncomfortable!