Saturday, June 15, 2019

Split shift.....

6:45 am - Saturday - June 15th - Ramona, CA - 59° F, 81% humidity, wind 3  mph out of the southwest......marine layer once again this morning.....should burn off by 10 am.  Forecast high is 79° F.....view this morning.......↴

After working the late shift for a few Friday's I decided I would prefer to start work on Friday's at 9 am, work until 2 pm for 5 hours total, then return at 5 pm for my final two hours to help TLE close down the office.  Rich agreed as it is only TLE that needs to come in at 12:30 pm.  I just need to be there the final two hours when TLE and I are the only ones on duty.....perfect!

I performed my usual opening shtick finishing at the pool to do the chlorine and PH tests, add a little chlorine to the spa and pool, and clean the skimmers.  Once that was done I returned to the tool shed to pick up the pressurized weed killer backpack dispenser, a trash can, and the Stihl hand blower.  I had noticed some weeds beginning to emerge again in the playground area next to the pool, and around the Red Barn, as well as some leaves which needed to be blown off the artificial turf in both locations.  I mixed up four gallons of the weed killer, and ended up using all four gallons.  By the time my lunch break rolled around I had finished treating both locations with the weed killer, and blown the artificial turf clean once again.

Just as I was finishing lunch I got a call on the 2-way radio from Rich asking me to go to site  81 to help the customer there with an electrical issue.  They were tenting there, and were attempting to use the 20 amp receptacle to pump up their air bed, but the breaker kept popping.  I felt it was the breaker that was at fault.  Rich came by and after a few more tests concurred, so we headed over to the supply building to pick up a new 20 amp breaker to install.  Within 20 minutes we had installed the breaker, and everything worked as it should once again.

As I was heading back to the Newell to pick up a new pair of gloves I was stopped by one of our full time tenants who was having difficulty stowing the patio awning on her Class C motorhome.  It took about 10 minutes to figure out what was wrong, and get it stowed.  I finished the first part of my workday blowing those rascally eucalyptus leaves off the mini golf course for the 3rd time in three days, and no doubt I will have to do it again Saturday.

The three hour break between 2 pm and 5 pm was a time of rest, and watching day two of the U.S. Open Championship, plus a nap, or two.  I reported back to work at 5 pm, and began by puttering around in the tool shed cleaning, straightening, and vacuuming a week's worth of sawdust, grinding dust, pipe threading, and then proceeded to do the same in the supply building.  Once that was done I transported 3 trash cans of accumulated trash from the two buildings to the dumpster.

For rest of my shift I made runs to the pool area to see how things were going there (the chlorine levels were doing fine), and to the barn to tidy up the horseshoe pit area.  We are at about 90% of capacity this weekend.....not bad for a non-holiday weekend!  7 pm came pretty quickly, and soon TLE and I were headed home for the evening, save for the closing we do 4 nights a week at 9:30 pm.  

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