Saturday, June 29, 2019

On the level.....

6:43 am - Saturday - June 29th - Ramona, CA - 55° F, 87% humidity, wind - CALM......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 87° F......the view this morning......↴

I began my golf cart ride down to the office wearing my hoodie sweatshirt, but had it off by the time I arrived was going to be a warm day!  The view from the water tank down the valley was the clearest this week.  By the time I had opened the park facilities, and done my pool tests Marnie had the meter reading list ready for me.......  

....once a  month, on the 28th of each month, we read the meters of our monthly residents.  Why the 28th?  Well, February has just 28 days (most of the time) so that was the date chosen years ago as the monthly meter reading day.  I managed to read about half the meters by my lunchtime at 11:30 am (Friday is my split shift day), and then  finished them after lunch.

SDGE (San Diego Gas and Electric) changes the rate/kilowat each month.  Last month it was 25¢, this month (June) it is 26¢.  We used 520 kilowats since May 28th which comes to $132.20, but as employees we get a $50 credit leaving a balance due of $82.20.....not bad.  We used the A/C quite a bit when we had that heatwave back in early June, and we have used the electric heaters most mornings the past two weeks.

One of my readers asked when the broken anti siphon valve was going to be repaired.  The answer was Friday. The replacement anti siphon valve was delivered Friday morning by FedEx.  Rich and Mike (the one who backed over it) got busy installing it, and within 90 minutes it was done.

New anti siphon valve installed

We have a new monthly customer coming into the park on Saturday which necessitated the leveling of site #71, the one next to us.  Leveling site #71 has been on the docket since we arrived.  Most of the site is pretty level, but over the final 4 feet it is 11" out of level.  Rich and Mike worked at peeling back the layer of gravel covering the site, then hauled in a few loads of dirt to to bring the site closer to level.  They were still working at it when I went on my 3 hour break.

When I came back at 5 pm Rich was getting ready to pack down the dirt with the Kubota loader, so I helped direct him, and then retrieved a garden hose from the tool shed to wet it down.  Rich will finish the work Saturday morning in advance of the arrival of the new monthly customer.  At some point in the next 60 days we will have to move out of our site (#72) while they replace the electrical pedestals in our row, and our site will be made more level at that point....ours is 6" out of level from side to side, so it should be much easier to bring into level.

The USA Women's National Team was slated to play France at 12 pm our time, so TLE and I watched it when we got home at 7 pm.  I have been nervously awaiting this match since the beginning of this World Cup.  Many commentators considered this match the real 'Final', and it was a good match if you were for the USA women.  They scored their first goal in the 5th minute of the match, and their second unanswered goal in the 65th minute, both scored by Megan Rapinoe.  The USA led 2 to nil until the 82nd minute when France scored their lone goal.  The final score was 2-1, and now the USA moves on to the semi final match against England on Tuesday.  The USA has made the semi final match in every single World Cup, and won 3 times.

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