Friday, June 14, 2019


6:32 am - Friday - June 14th - Ramona, CA - 57° F, 87% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the south by southwest.....foggy this morning with a forecast high today of 75° F.....the view this morning......↴

Hell of a marine layer this morning!

The forecast high for Thursday was 80° F, but I don't think it got above 78....there was coolness in the air all day, and after our 5 day heatwave it was a welcome relief.  After doing my opening rounds I settled in at the pool to do the tests, clean the pump filters and repair the pool vacuum hose fitting......

The fitting with the crack....the tape really didn't help at all!

I had to cut off the old fitting to screw on the new one

Easy peasy......

.....these fittings just screw on to the hose (they are reverse threaded), but the old one would not unscrew so I just cut it off and screwed on the new one.  Once the pool was done I headed down to the tool shed to retrieve the hand blower, a square point shovel, a rake, and a broom to take to the Red Barn.  After the wind last Sunday there was debris covering the artificial turf, and I needed the blower to clear everything away.  The shovel, rake and broom were for the horseshoe pit area specifically, and the shovel was also for the road down by the mini golf which had a layer of silt still remaining from our last's too thick to blow away, so I needed to shovel most of it, before finishing with the blower.  All of that took me up to lunch time.

After lunch I returned the shovel, rake and broom to the tool shed and retrieved a string trimmer to trim some weeds and grass down by the fishing lake.  I did a lot of trimming there, along the fence up near our site, weeds around our site, the grass in front the of the restroom across from us, as well as the big hill behind it.  I finished at the mini gold trimming weeds around the 9 holes, then blowing the weed debris and leaves off each hole.  By the time all that was finished it was almost 4 pm, and time to return the Stihl tools to the tool shed, and call it a day.  TLE works to 5 pm on Thursdays, so I headed home with my 2-way radio in case she needed any help between 4 and 5 pm.

After taking rather long hot shower I settled in to watch the men's U.S. Open Golf Championship being held at Pebble Beach this year (near Carmel, CA).  By the end of the day there were five players tied at 5 under par....Tiger finished at 1 under par, just 4 strokes back.....a good opening round for him.

After TLE returned home from work we watched a couple of recorded women's FIFA World Cup matches (Australia vs. Brazil.....won by Australia 3-2 after being down 2-0, and South Africa vs. China....won by China 1-0).  We finished the evening watching 'Alone', and a recorded 'Masterchef' from the night before.

Thursday also marked one month exactly since my 'cardiac event'.  I'm feeling really well, and find myself recovering much more quickly after working all day.  I have to keep reminding myself to take breaks, and not push too hard even though I feel so good.  My only real Kryptonite seems to be heat, as it always has been.  I'm hoping I will begin to acclimate to the warmer temperatures over the next month.

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