Monday, June 3, 2019

The end of Eddy.....

7:25 am - Monday - June 3rd - Ramona, CA - 57° F, 90% humidity, wind - CALM......heavy marine layer today with a forecast high of 77° F......the view this morning......↴

Have I told you I love Sunday's here at RORVR?  I have?  Well, I'm telling you again....I love Sundays at RORVR!!  Since we only work for 5 hours on Sundays we rarely ever begin big projects.  It is just a status quo kind of day.  After opening the storage yard, the Red Barn and pool I took care of a few small tasks on the 'To Do' list......replace a sprinkler near the kiosk, clean a couple of BBQ's, move some cots out to the two permanent tents in sites 10 and 11 (wooden platforms with large tents, BBQ's, water, electric), etc.  After lunch I helped a woman in site 58 check her outdoor propane fireplace for a propane leak (her fireplace was fine....the propane bottle she was using has a leak in the valve).  That was my Sunday....TLE spent the day in the office, but reported things were not that busy.  We were off work at 2 pm....TLE chose to walk home, while I drove the golf cart home.  I took a nice nap, and then read a book for part of the afternoon.  We had planned to sit outside for the afternoon, but it was just too cold......I don't think it ever got over 68° F, and the marine layer never really burned off until after 4 pm.  The park was not that full over the weekend, and while we did have the usual rush of departures Sunday morning, we had about as many new arrivals in the afternoon.  Right now I would say the park is about 50% occupied.  As the marine layer disappears, and it becomes warmer things will pick up significantly as they always do at almost any RV park during the summer season.

Our streak of finding mice in our mouse traps for five consecutive days ended at mice were found Sunday morning....finally.  I'm going to have to find out where they are getting into the RV.  Every mouse we have trapped has been in the water bay, but there are only two places (around the sewer dump valve, and where the city water comes into the water bay) where they could get it, but they are both sealed tight with caulking filling all the gaps around those pipes.  They must be ingressing somewhere else and heading for the water bay.  So far we have had no intrusion into the living area of the Newell, so we've got that going for us.

As we often do no matter where we are living, we order things from Amazon, and almost always get our items within 2 days.  Since we arrived here at RORVR we have been getting most things from Amazon in less than one day....seriously!  TLE and I ordered a few things Saturday evening after work, and all but one item was delivered Sunday afternoon!  I guess that's one of the benefits of living in SoCal, and being so close to so many Amazon fulfillment centers.  

We continue to enjoy our lives here at RORVR, and are looking forward to some warmer weather as the 'Catalina Eddy' begins to break up over the next 10 days!

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