Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Discount Tuesday!

6:44 am - Wednesday - June 5th - Ramona, CA - 58° F, 94% humidity, wind - CALM.......clear blue skies this morning with a forecast high of 85°'s going to be a warm one!  The view this morning......↴

We had a very short lived marine layer event Tuesday morning, and when the sun came out from behind the clouds at 9:30 am it quickly began to warm.  We have had no mouse incursions for three days in a row now, which is good news.  Around 10 am I walked down to the office to retrieve a package delivered by Amazon late Monday afternoon containing some Dicor self leveling caulk which will be used when I install our new Winegard HD satellite dish in the next few weeks.  I don't remember if I have mentioned it, but DirecTV is discontinuing their SD signal (Standard Definition) this year, and if we wish to continue to be DirecTV customers we will have to get an HD receiver and the new HD satellite dish.  I have already purchased and received the new dish (it's at my son's warehouse right now), but am waiting for Chris, my son, to bring it down to Ramona....the box is way too big for the Beetle.

I next went up to the trailer to retrieve my Intense 5.5 for another short ride.  I managed to ride 1.35 miles around the park this time including 3, or 4 short climbs.  I got winded on all the climbs, but recovered quickly after each one.  Feels good to be exercising again.

Tuesday is Taco Tuesday (2 original fish tacos for $6.99 including drink) at the local Rubio's Coastal Grill so we left to drive into Ramona around 11:30 am to get a haircut at Supercuts, and then have lunch at Rubio's.  What I didn't know is that Tuesday is also discount day at Supercuts......instead of their normal $21 for a haircut, it was only $16, so now we have two reasons to go into Ramona on Tuesdays......

 Two original fish tacos with chips and beans.....yum!

.....the final surprise of the day was had when we walked over to Goodwill (it's in the same shopping center a Supercuts and Rubios) and found out it was Senior discount, three reasons to visit Ramona on Tuesdays!  TLE found a pyrex baking dish to replace one she broke a while back for $3.99, and I found two long sleeve sports shirts to use for bike riding.

We were home before 3 pm, and a few minutes later we were relaxing out on the 'lido deck' for the rest of the afternoon.  We both read books while listening to Classic Vinyl on XM Radio.  TLE brought out some snacks (cheese, crackers, sliced radishes, and a bottle of wine about 4:30......

.....when we eat out for lunch we usually do not have dinner....the snacks and wine were just perfect.  It began to cool off around 5:30 pm so we retreated to the Newell interior for the evening.  

We watched a few recorded shows ('American Pickers', 'Deadliest Catch', and 'SYTYCD'*) before calling it a day.  Back to work Wednesday with higher temps in the offing!

Thanks for stopping by!

*SYTYCD =  So you think you can dance

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