Sunday, June 30, 2019

Won't you be my neighbor?

6:33 am - Sunday - June 30th - Ramona, CA - 65° F, 66% humidity, wind - CALM.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 89° F.....the view this morning.....↴

We have a new monthly neighbor

At 87° F Saturday was the warmest day since we had the heatwave back at the beginning of June.  To add to it there was no breeze whatsoever, it was humid, but we did have cloud cover most of the day which did mitigate to a certain degree the heat.  Of course, I use the word heat's not really heat; it's just warmer.  The real heat will come in late July to mid September. For now we have a lot of 80 degree days as far as the eye can see, and that is really not too bad in the overall scheme of things.

I began my work day as I always do opening the storage yard, Red Barn and pool.  Once I was finished with the pool I went down to site #71 to help Rich and Mike finish leveling the site for our new monthly customer, which included spreading out the gravel once again, and then retrieving a few bucket fulls from the storage yard t complete the task. Considering how few hours we spent on this project it came out looking great......

.....and it stood up to the weight of the 38' 5th wheel which arrived around 4 pm..... took us until about 10:30 am to finish spreading the new gravel, and then I was off to new tasks.....checking the water level in the water tank, and blowing the eucalyptus leaves off the mini golf holes.  That pretty much took me to lunch time.

A week, or so ago Rich found a supply of the plastic containers online matching the ones we use to organize our very large fastener inventory, and they arrived Saturday morning.....all 30 of them.  By this time it was getting quite uncomfortable outside temp wise, so I was more than happy to spend my afternoon working in the air conditioned maintenance building transferring more fasteners from their boxes to the new plastic containers......

The new containers

The existing containers

.....someone started organizing the fasteners about a year ago, so now it is time to finish the task.  In addition to transferring the rest of the fasteners into the new containers I will be labeling each container with the type and size of the fasteners inside.  It will take a while, but it's great to know I have an inside job when I need to escape the heat.

By the time I was about 50% done it was almost 4 pm, and our new monthly customer, and also new neighbor, had just arrived from San Francisco.  I escorted them up to site #71, helped them get into the site, and answered any questions they had.  I headed back down to the office to give TLE a ride home, but she had already started walking home.

We watched the final quarter final match of the FIFA Women's World Cup between Germany and Sweden.  Germany was the favorite, but the final score showed them losing 2-1 to Sweden.  German started fast scoring first, and that usually means good things, but then Sweden turned the tables on the Germans scoring the tying goal in the 22nd minute, adding the second and decisive goal in the 48th minute.  So two semi final matches are set.....the USA will play England on Tuesday at 12 pm Pacific time, and Sweden will play the Netherlands on Wednesday in the same time slot.  The final will be Saturday, July 6th at 8 am Pacific time.....let's hope the USA is there!

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