Friday, June 21, 2019

It's a gas......

6:46 am - Friday - June 21st - Ramona, CA - 59° F, 84% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the southwest.......marine layer this morning with a forecast high of 70° F......the view this morning......↴

It hardly seemed like work Thursday.  The weather was perfect....if only it could be 75° every day with white, puffy clouds, and gentle breezes.....if only.  Wednesday the guy from ProFlame Propane came out to turn on our propane station so we can begin pumping, and selling propane once again.  The station has not been operational since we arrived due to the electrical work being done in the park.  We had to move the propane station to a different location, and then run new power to it before it could operational again.  We began Thursday with Rich showing us how to operate the station safely.  We have a number of BBQ's we provide for guests and all of those propane bottles needed filling, so we took turns filling different bottles.

Classical Gas by Mason of my favorite 60's songs

Once that was done I headed off to do my normal opening procedures, finishing at the pool where I ran the required tests, adding chlorine as needed.  The pool remained in pretty good shape; there were just a few toys at the bottom of the pool to fish out this time.  When I was finished with the pool I headed back to the office to pick up a few tools.  As I drive up and down Oak Street each day I have noticed a few sections of the split rail fence which runs along the creek behind the RV sites needed some repairing.  This has been a low priority since we arrived, but I had time Thursday to attend to a few of the sections.  

We have a large stack of split rail fencing stored in the storage yard for just this purpose so I retrieved several rails, as well as some 3 foot long pieces of rebar to help straighten up a few of the posts which were leaning over.  In all it took about an hour to effect the repairs, and now the fencing looks much better.  

Next I needed to shut off the water to site #35 to replace the two hose bibs in that site.  To shut off water to site #35 you must turn off two valves located at opposite ends of the loop covering sites 1-55....there are not individual shutoffs at each site.  Even though the water was off site #35 is at the bottom of the hill, and all of the water from the sites above it must drain before the pressure is reduced completely.  That would take too long so I just changed them out with the water gushing out getting a little wet in the process, but was able to get them both replaced in about 10 minutes.

In the afternoon I retrieved the keys to the riding lawnmower and went to mow the road leading to the water tower.  Even though it has not rained for a couple of weeks things are still growing, especially the mustard, which can get quite tall if you don't stay on top of it.  There are two ways to access the water tower, and they both need to be kept clear even though we only use one access 95% of the time.  In all it took about 90 minutes to finish mowing.

Next up was a painting task Rich had assigned to me.  AT&T will be installing a new fiber optics line into the park, and their control equipment will be attached to a piece of 3/8ths inch plywood they mounted on the wall in Marnie's office.  I needed to paint that plywood to match the paint on the wall around it.  From beginning to end it took me about an hour to knock out that project.

All that was left to do was to attend to the daily removal of eucalyptus leaves from the 9 mini golf holes, and by the time I had completed that it was 4 pm and time to head for home.  As I have written previously, TLE works till 5 pm on Thursdays as she is the only one in the office Thursday afternoons.  I headed home, took a shower, then a nap and returned at 5 pm to give TLE a ride home.

The USA women's team had a soccer match Thursday versus Sweden.  They are the 2nd best team in the pool, and we anticipated a close, well played match; that is what we got.  The match was televised at 12 pm, so we watched the recording of it when TLE got home.  In the end the USA women bested Sweden 2 to nil, and have not yet yielded a goal in the World Cup.  In all they have scored 18 goals in pool play, which I believe is a new World Cup record.  We also watched a recorded match between Canada and Holland, won by Holland 2-1....another well played match.  So the U.S. women move onto the round of 16, and play their next game on Monday against Spain.  Now that all of the weakest teams have been eliminated the matches will get much more difficult with each successive game.

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