Wednesday, June 26, 2019

May/June gloom continues.....

6:50 am - Wednesday - June 26th - Ramona, CA - 59° F, 87% humidity, wind - CALM.....marine layer this morning with a forecast high of 77° F.....the view this morning.....↴

Normally on an off day I would stay in bed until after 7 am, but since our power was to be shutoff beginning at 7 am I was up at 6:30 am to retrieve our Honda 2000 from our trailer in the storage yard in order to power the Newell during the power outage.  After all, there were soccer matches to be watched!

Before we assumed our sedentary positions for the morning we took a walk around RORVR once again.  This time I suggested we do two laps, and TLE agreed.....  

.....we paused behind the Red Barn to enjoy the view down the Ramona Valley....a little hard to see as the marine layer was still present...... just over 53 minutes we covered some 2.65 miles, had total elevation gain of 385', and burned 476 caloric unites.  That is the furthest I have walked in about 3 months, and it felt good to head out setting a good pace for a change.....

.....we were back home by 9:30 am setting up the outdoor TV, and within minutes were watching the first FIFA Women's World Cup match of the day....Italy vs. China.  Italy was, by and far, the best team on the pitch this day, and won easily over China 2 to nil....China just could not muster any offense.  Although I had set up the outdoor TV, we ended up watching the match inside as the marine layer was still present, and made it too chilly to sit outside.  We did, however, sit outside for the second match featuring The Netherlands vs. Japan.  This was a very good match, and going into the 88th minute was still tied 1-1 when The Netherlands was awarded a legitimate penalty kick, which they converted, ultimately winning the match a few minutes later 2-1.

By this time it was 2 pm, and we had not eaten lunch, so being Tuesday we drove into town for 'Taco Tuesday' at Rubio's Coastal Grill followed by a brief shopping foray at Stater Brothers.  By the time we returned home at 4 pm the power had been restored to our section of RORVR, and it was time to power down the Honda 2000....she ran for 9 hours straight, and did a great job!

Normally, at this time of day on an off day, we would spend another couple of hours out on the 'lido deck' reading, and listening to music, but the marine layer had returned, and it was getting too cold to be outside again. I know in a few weeks we will look back at this time of almost daily marine layers with fondness as the summer temps continue to rise into the high 80's, and low 90's, but right now we wished we could have sat outside for another couple of hours enjoying the evening air.....'You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.....'......

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