Thursday, June 6, 2019

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.....

6:51 am - Thursday - June 6th - Ramona, CA - 56° F, 98% humidity, wind - CALM......clear blue skies this day with a forecast high of 83° F.....only 4 more day sof wearing an eye patch to bed at night (cataract surgery).....the view this morning.......↴

Makes me happy to see the sun hitting the road before 7 am

It is nice seeing the sun and blue sky first thing in the morning, and Wednesday was the first day in a long time that happened.  While I do love it when we have the marine layer in the morning, it is nice to start the day feeling the warmth of the sun on your shoulders.  I know the days are coming when we will fondly remember the marine layer and pine for its return.

Rich and Marnie are off work Wednesday and Thursay each week so we (TLE & I) pretty much run our own show on those days.  Rich did leave me one project to do Wednesday......pull the shower mats from the restrooms and pressure wash them.  I went about my normal morning opening duties, including checking the water tower and found the tank down about 4,000 gallons so I set timers on each pump for 2 hours.  The Red Barn was already open as we have a group in the park that is using it for morning get togethers, and coffee.  The trash cans did need emptying, so I retrieved some large trash bags and did just that.  

Before I got to the pool to open it I was stopped by a gentleman as I was heading down the hill from the Red Barn asking me to check the voltage on his pedestal as his hard wired voltage regulator/surge protector kept shutting down the electrical flow into his motorhome.  Normal voltage in a park can run 12 volts above or below 120 and not hurt your appliances.  His voltage was at 115, which is fine, and will not cause harm, but many of these hard wired voltage regulators have very narrow parameters, and will shut down your system if voltage is at, or under 115.  There is nothing we can do about that, unfortunately, except what we are doing, which is upgrading our 50 year old electrical system.  By the end of July we should have all new pedestals, and much better voltage.  At my site the voltage routinely reads 122-124 and rarely, if ever drops below 120 volts....even when we had 3 electric heaters going during a lot of May!

After checking the voltage for our customer I headed up to open the pool, and record the PH and chlorine levels for the pool and Jacuzzi.  By this time it was around 10 am and time to pull the shower mats for pressure washing.  That task took me right up to lunch, and I was beginning the feel the 'heat' was all of 80°!

After lunch I dedicated most of the rest of my day to vacuuming the pool, which had not been done for a week.  As one might imagine all of that pool decking (concrete) really absorbs the heat from the sun making it feel much warmer than it is, but about half way through the task the breeze picked up a little making the rest of the job tolerable.

I spent the last hour with the Stihl hand blower moving leaves off the road up to the pool and off the road up to the Red Barn, which brought me to 4 pm.....quitting time.  I put away the Stihl hand blower, retrieved TLE from the office, and headed for the barn.  A long, cool shower was in order.  Just from that one hour of using the blower I was filthy from head to toe.  Once I was clean, and cooled down I headed outside to read, and enjoy the early evening breezes.....a nice way to end the day!

For our evening entertainment we watched a recorded episode of Masterchef Junior, which happened to be the finale.  An 11 year old boy named Che won.  It is amazing the level of talent they had this year ranging in age from 8 to 13 years old.  The three finalists were all 11-12 years old.

Around 9:20 pm we headed out to close down the park facilities (the storage yard, Red Barn, and pool).  We arrived at the barn a little after 9:30 pm to find it fully occupied with the RV group that had used it in the morning.  We let them know it was time to wind things down, and then headed over to close the pool.  By the time we returned they had finished cleaning and had already locked the doors for us....what nice people!

We were in bed by 10 pm looking forward to another sunny day Thursday.....thanks for stopping by!

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