Saturday, July 17, 2021

A day on the 'lido deck'......

 8:29 am - Saturday - July 17th - Seal Rock, OR - 55° F, 94% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north....first morning in a while with zero wind.....heavy marine layer now, with lots of sun later and a forecast high of 61° F.  On this date in 2016 we were in South Lake Tahoe enjoying our new to us artificial turf for the first time....we were watching 'The Open' then as now.....↴

Sleeping in on Friday's is kind of a relative term.  On work days we're up between 7 am, and 7:20 am most of the time, and on Friday's and Saturday's we 'sleep in' until after 7:30 am....sometimes until after 8 am....hard to stay in bed when the light from the new day is streaming through your windows.  Anyway, we are usually up within 40 minutes of our usual time.  For some reason it feels better when you get up because you want to.....not because you have to go to work.

As is the case lately, we awoke to overcast skies, but within an hour the sun began to break through, and Friday turned out to be a very sun shinny day.  TLE drove into Newport to do the weekly shopping at Fred Meyers while I remained behind to pay some bills on my phone, and see that our temporary neighbors (the last four days) were able to exit site A-3 without getting stuck in the drainage ditch that runs from that site down to the office along Cross Street.  Our last neighbor (a couple of weeks ago) almost got stuck when his right rear wheels went into that ditch....only his forward, downhill momentum kept him from a large towing bill, and possible damage to his undercarriage.  After our neighbor successfully exited A-3 I went about setting up our outdoor TV, and brought our green tables back outside in anticipation of spending some time on the 'lido deck' during the day for the first time in weeks.

On her way home TLE stopped off at the Seal Rock Post Office to get the park mail, and found an envelope addressed to me from the 3rd party vehicle registration place in Redding we used to renew our VW contained our 2022 tags.  We chose to use a 3rd party service to renew the tags to get them much more quickly than if we went through the DMV site.  If I used their site my tags would be mailed to my SoCal address in 10 days, or so, and then my son would have to mail them back to me here in Seal Rock, which would take, based on prior experience, 17-21 days via First Class mail.  Going through the 3rd party service I got them in less than 5 days.  I used this same Redding service back in January prior to our trip south to get my 2021 Newell tags which were lost in the mail twice when using the DMV website....


.....I spent quite a bit of time in the afternoon napping in the sun on the 'lido deck' with 'The Open' playing the in the background.  By 4:30 pm it looked like it would be nice enough to eat dinner on the 'lido deck' so I brought out a couple of camp chairs so we could eat at the table.....

....we had burritos, and Margaritas....perfect!

By 6 pm I had the fire going, and we were settling in for a long sunset watch.....

A fire and the Moody Blues

.....unfortunately, the marine layer returned about 8 pm with a vengeance, and the possible sunset was lost, but we had a marvelous two hours sitting by the fire enjoying some good music on Sirius/XM Radio's channel 26.....Classic Vinyl.

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