Sunday, July 25, 2021

Our fans......

 7:43 am - Sunday - July 25th - Seal Rock, OR - 50° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north.....foggy right now with sun later today and a forecast high of 63° F.  On this date in 2013 we were hiking in Glacier National Park......↴

The Highline Trail near Logan Pass, GNP

Wild Goose Island, Lake Mary, GNP

After several sunny days Coastal Oregon threw us a curve ball...we awoke to north wind, fog, and a very, very heavy marine sitting outside sipping coffee on this day, for sure.  Around noon time when the sun made a very brief appearance I pulled out our telescoping ladder to get up on the roof to remove, and clean the fan (motor and fan blade) which vents the hot, sometimes smokey air from the stove area.  I have never cleaned this fan in the 13+ years we have owned the coach.  Due to its location, and purpose it there was a lot of grease build up, needless to say.

There is a shroud which covers the fan vent hole which is affixed by 3 sheet metal screws to the frame of the fan......

The vent screen was almost completely plugged with grease

.....once I had the shroud removed I was saddened to see it was way worse than I expected.....the vent screen was almost entirely plugged with grease, and the entire area around it is covered with grease and pine needles.  Two bolts hold the fan in place, and unlike the difficulty I had removing bathroom fan from the inside of the coach, removing the bolts from the top was much easier.  I took the fan assembly into the trailer to clean it on my work bench using WD40, Formula 409, and a bristle brush to remove a few decades of grease......

Before degreasing.....very sad all it took me over an hour to clean the fan motor and fan itself.....


....then it was time to clean the vent screen, and the roof area outside the fan vent....the Formula 409 worked the best at degreasing the fan vent and roof top......

Who would have thought that screen was gold in color?

.....once the vent screen and roof was clean it was time to reinstall the fan assembly, and screw the shroud back in place.... the time everything was back together the wind was blowing pretty hard, and it was time to put things away and retreat to the warm confines of the Newell for the balance of the afternoon.  After a suitably long, hot shower I retired to my recliner to watch TV, and take a nap.  The fog rolled back in around 4 pm, and soon everything outside was wet, and shrouded in mist....about as opposite as you can get from Friday's weather.  As we slipped off to slumber land around 10 pm one could hear the wind whipping our flag ferociously....yup, a very different day.

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