Monday, July 26, 2021

No A/C.....

 7:33 am - Monday - July 26th - Seal Rock, OR - 58° F, 84% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the west by northwest......that's a change I can get behind!  The forecast high for today is 63° F.  On this date in 2013 we were headed to Billings, MT in our 2002 T-Bird to take care of some personal business after being in Canada for the past three weeks.....we left the Newell in Browning, MT for the day trip.....↴

US-2 in Montana....straight as an arrow

On Sunday's we don't usually do any work in individual sites as the park is pretty full...full that is until around 11:30 am when the workaday folks begin to exit the park in droves to return to their non nomadic lives.  Fred and I spent most of our two hour shift delivering freshly painted picnic tables to sites with picnic tables needing fresh paint.  In the process we spent some time repairing some of the painted ones.  When we lifted one of them onto the trailer one of the seat boards came loose, so we had to drill some new holes, and install new stainless steel screws....on another we had to cut to fit a new brace, and a third needed some attention to one of the legs.  When all the dust settled we had a total of five tables back in the tent sites where we work on the tables needing a fresh coat of paint.  Thankfully, we are almost done with painting tables this year.  I'm sure there will be a whole new crop next year.  I was home a few minutes after 12 pm.

Once again the wind was out of the north all day, and intensified as the day progressed, but the fog from Saturday was gone, and we did get some sun showers throughout the afternoon.  Nevertheless, it was too chilly to spend much time outside.  TLE worked her 2-4 pm shift and was home just as I was awakening from a great afternoon nap.

My brother-in-law, Glenn Parker and his wife Laureen (TLE's sister) will be arriving here at SRRVC on Friday to spend 3, or 4 days with us as their summer travels in their 1984 Newell continue.  It will be the first time our two Newell's have been in the same vicinity since last summer when we were boondocking at The Big Eddy near Driggs, ID on June 1st.....

The Big Eddy on the banks of the Teton River, June 1, 2020

.....there are no days left in July with a forecast high 70° F or higher, and it won't be until August 6th when it does actually hit 70° F, and then only for two days until it dives back into the low 60's.  I have never been anywhere during the summer where it is this cool into August, and I love it!  Here we are in late July still running our electric heaters in the mornings, and evenings, and have not run our A/C since last September when we were in Forks, WA on our way to Seal Rock....we have never run our A/C here in Seal Rock, OR.  The question remains, however, will there come a time when we do?  The next 60 days will tell the tale.

On the 'pandemic' front Coastal Oregon is pretty much mask free, and I have not worn a mask while working for two weeks, which means I haven't worn a mask in a long time.  We still occasionally see folks driving in their cars with the windows up wearing masks, or riding bicycles down US-101 wearing masks.....I don't get that, but to each his own.  We continue to be in great health, and asymptomatic.  Meanwhile there has been just one death attributed to the Wuhan flu in the last 5 months, and total diagnosed cases in Lincoln County are still well under 1,500 for duration of the 'pandemic'.

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