Saturday, July 24, 2021

Your junk, my treasure.....

 8:30 am - Saturday - July 24th - Seal Rock, OR - 54° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north.....marine layer this morning with a forecast high today of 64° F.  On this date in 2014 TLE and I were riding our bikes along the Truckee River out to Squaw Valley, and back to Tahoe City.....lunch at The Bridgetender Tavern........↴

We did something we have rarely done lately because it has been so overcast, and cold in the mornings, but when you get your fourth straight day with sun in the morning you have to take advantage of it at some point.  After I finished my blog TLE and I went outside with our morning coffees, and ensconced ourselves in the Adirondack chairs......just being in the moment....enjoying the view of the sun hitting Seal Rock, and the ocean.  Basking in the morning sun with a 'cup of Joe' (coffee for the uninitiated) is one of my delights in life, and Friday morning did not disappoint.

We sat there for about an hour talking about this and that, and then TLE mentioned she needed to defrost the Dometic absorption refrigerator, and I mentioned I needed to take care of a few things in the trailer, plus we wanted to go into Waldport to do our weekly shopping, plus visit a few of our favorite junk shops to see if there was anything without which we could not see ourselves living one more day.  TLE was done with the defrost pretty quickly, and we were off to Waldport by 1 pm.

Our first stop was the local clothing donation kiosk near Waldport Flea Market to drop off a large bag of clothing we were putting back into circulation, then into the flea market for our first round of 'junking'.....

.....the flea market is right next door to 'Fresh Mexican Food' where we have dined twice before.  As we were getting back in the car to drive over to the other two junk stores in town (Enough and Lil Joes General Store) I suggested to TLE that we return to Fresh Mexican Food after junking for some lunch in their alfresco dining area to which she immediately agreed.....

The alfresco dining area located to the left of the restaurant

....after browsing through the other two stores (we bought nothing this day) we headed directly to Fresh Mexican Food, and were seated at one of their outdoor tables within seconds of our arrival.  We both had ice tea, and for our entrees I ordered their Camorones de Monterey (bacon wrapped shrimp), and TLE their Camorones del diabla (shrimp with sauteed mushrooms).....

Bacon wrapped shrimp.....simply amazing!

....the chips and salsa were as good as we remembered them, and our entrees were just the perfect portions......just enough to make you want a little more, but not too much to overfill your tummy.  We had a nice view of the Alsea River as it flows into the Pacific Ocean, and the outside temperature was just perfect for a nice, leisurely late lunch.  After paying our check (the prices are quite fair by the way) we headed over to Ray's Food Place to do our shopping, and then home where we arrived a little after 3 pm.  I purposely avoided imbibing any brews with lunch as I wanted to avoid a long nap after we got home, but it was to no avail.  I still ended up taking an hour long nap in my that fresh air, and great Mexican food got to me anyway!

For the fourth night in succession we had another beautiful sunset.....

.....I managed to get outside just as the sun touched the western horizon once does not get much better than this, and such is life on the Oregon Coast.

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