Tuesday, July 13, 2021

More north wind.....

 7:27 am - Tuesday - July 13th - Seal Rock, OR - 54° F, 94% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the north....cold and overcast today with a forecast high of 60° F.  

 It was nice to get back to our regular routine after the chaos of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The wind is blowing out of the north again, and the marine layer is deep and persistent so I wore along sleeve shirt for the first time in weeks.  TLE and I had been scheduled to do the highway pickup we do every three months, but Terry decided to postpone that activity due to the very windy circumstances.  Instead I worked with Fred over at his site in the cul-de-sac to finish removing a large bunch of pampas grass (about 10' in diameter) that had taken over this site.  Fred began the process Sunday utilizing the Massey-Ferguson loader/backhoe to dig it out.  He deferred to me to finish the task Monday, and I was able to get some more experience operating the backhoe.

We spent 3 hours finishing the task, which was finally completed when we moved his firepit to the spot where the grass used to be, and then covered the entire area in gravel.  In all five loads of the pampas grass/roots balls were hauled up to the burn pile over two days for future incineration.  

Once we had put away the tools, including the loader, we headed down to Terry's motorcoach to help he and Michele unpack and install their new twin power recliners.  Terry gets his should operation on Wednesday, so he is not able to do any lifting.  He will have to sleep in one of the recliners for a few weeks after the surgery, so we needed to get it done ASAP.  As a result it fell to Fred and I to do most of the work, which we were more than happy to do.  As with most tasks of this nature it took longer than we expected, and before we knew it the clock was reading 3:15 pm....wow, that was a long day!

TLE had already been home for over an hour when I arrived.  The weather forecast shows wind out of the north, and overcast conditions for at least the next 15 days, but we will be getting some sunny days toward the end of this week, and no temps higher than 63, with a few days in the 50's.....is it really July 13th?

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