Saturday, July 31, 2021

She's back!!!!!

 8:03 am - Saturday - July 31st - Seal Rock, OR - 52° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north....heavy marine layer today with a forecast high of 62° F.  On this date in 2018 we were having dinner at Beale's Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor, ME....we started out with a couple of Allagash Whites (Belgium white)......↴

Lobster Roll and chips!

We slept in Friday until almost 8:30 am.  My in-laws, Glenn and Laureen were slated to arrived between 2 and 3 pm, and  I was hoping we would get a little sun, and a light wind so I could wash the VW and the Newell.  After all the salt laden fog we've had lately they were both looking pretty sad.  Fortune smiled upon us around 11 am......a little sun, and almost no wind.  I quickly donned a hoody sweatshirt, and retrieved my washing tools from the trailer.  Since the VW was sitting in the sun already I did it first hoping the sun would crest over the trees to the east of us and eventually bath the Newell in warm sunlight.  I was done with the VW in about 25 minutes at which time TLE headed into town to do the weekly shopping whilst I tended to the cleansing of the Newell.  It's amazing how a little Dawn laden soapy water can bring a smile back to our girl.  I was just finishing the Newell when TLE returned about 90 minutes later.  

We got a text from Glenn and Laureen a little after 12 pm that they had left Portland, and would be here around 3 pm....perfect.....time for a nap.  Laureen sent TLE another text around 2:30 that they were passing through Newport so we knew they would be here in less than 20 minutes, and they were.  Just before 2:50 pm I saw them turn left onto NW Cross Street, so I scampered down the hill to give Glenn the game plan for getting into site A-3.  Within minutes they had their Honda Element detached from the rear of their Newell, and Glenn was driving up the 12% grade hill to the site.  He did a great job of backing their 35' Newell into the site, and by 3:05 pm they were settling in for a three, or four day stay.....'s been over a year since our coaches were parked side by side, and it makes me happy to see them reunited.  We sat talking about their travels this summer for about an hour, and then bid them adieu to finish settling in, and agreed to meet again around 5:30 pm to drive into Waldport for dinner at 'Fresh Mexican Food'.  We arrived there around 6 pm, and were quickly seated in their alfresco dining area....perfect....actually alfresco dining was our only option as every table inside was  We had a lovely dinner, and talked nonstop for over an hour before the advancing fog spurred us to pay our bill, and retreat to the warmer confines of the VW for the drive home.

We were home around 7:30 pm, agreeing to reconvene inside their Newell at 8 pm for some ice cream and single malt Scotch.  We again talked nonstop until around 9:30 pm we all decided we were all ready to call it a day.

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