Friday, July 30, 2021

I hope that 'augers' well.....

 8:44 am - Fifth Saturday - July 30th - Seal Rock, OR - 52° F, 100% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north by northwest......heavy marine layer beginning to clear around 1 pm today with a forecast high of 64° F, and winds reaching 11 mph.  On this date in 2010 TLE and I were in Austin, TX attending the graduation of our niece, the daughter of Glenn and Laureen Parker, who, coincidently, will be arriving here in Seal Rock, OR in their 1984 Newell today.......↴

Thursday was another of those days where I had a plan, and events took me in a different direction.  As you might recall over the past week, or so we have visited site #19 three times to clear a clog in the sewer connection.  Each time we thought we had successfully cleared the clog, but we were mistaken.  Since this was a steadily recurring problem Greg rented an electric powered auger to ream out the sewer connection down to the main line....about 50 feet away.  Each time we ran it to the main line 'T' we pulled it back out to find TP wrapped around the auger, and each time we then stuck a hose down the sewer and ran water to see if it would continue draining, and each time until the last time it overflowed.  On the fourth try we again pulled out more effluent debris, but this time when we stuck the hose in the sewer line the water ran for 20 minutes and never overflowed.  I looked at my watch and it was 11:20 hour and twenty minutes of my 3 hour shift 'down the drain', literally.

My general plan for the day was to finish trimming hedges in the remaining 6 tent sites, but that was out the window.  It was time to do site checks, and get the sites with incoming guests ready for their stay.  There were only 5 sites with incoming guests, but one of them, site #41, had a fire pit which needed to be moved from it present location, next to one of the cabins, to a spot further away......

Where the fire pit used to be

.....I knew it would probably take me at least an hour, if not the entirety of the remainder of my shift.  I retrieved a round point, and a square point shovel from the landscape shed and got to work.  I first removed the cement pavers from the old pit, moved them over to the new location, and then used the round point shovel to trace out the circle in the grass.  Once that was done I moved the pavers out of the way and began to dig out the new fire pit site.  I cut the circle of grass into thirds, then moved each third to the old site.  Once they were in place you could hardly tell there had been a fire pit there (see above).  Within a week, it will almost be invisible.  The new pit turned out well, and is now far enough away from the cabin that smoke getting in through their sliding glass door will no longer be an issue..... this time it was approaching 1 pm, and time to put away my tools.  I was going to just head home, but decided the poor golf car needed some TLE so I took a few minutes to wash her off before putting her away for the night.

As the afternoon progressed the winds continued to freshen, and by mid afternoon you could feel gusts of wind rocking the coach......oh that north wind!  All that being said, it continues to be quite cool here in Coastal Oregon, and the folks coming from inland where it is 90-100° F every day are flocking to the coast.  The great thing is we get to stay here on Sunday when they head back to their workaday lives, and the ever present heat.

We discovered quite by accident that the 7th season of 'The Flash' is now up on Netflix......we binge watched the first six season months ago (like a year ago), and frankly I had forgotten about it, but there it was so we decided to watch a few episodes Thursday night.  It didn't take us long to get back into the storyline.  With that we are off for two days and are looking forward to spending time with our in-laws, and their 1984 Newell!

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