Friday, July 23, 2021

Hitchin' a ride.......

8:57 am (slept in!) - Friday - July 23rd - Seal Rock, OR - 59° F, 72% humidity (very low), wind 5 mph out of the northeast today with a forecast high of 65° F.  On this date in 2013 we were touring Glacier National Park, and spent the night in the Visitor Center parking lot......↴

We still had the 2002 T-Bird then

Lake MacDonald

Visitor Center parking lot

Thursday is our Friday, and one of the days I work alone.  Terry asked me to begin sprucing up the tent area which consists of 11 short sites (11-21), each with 20 amp electricity, and a fire pit.  There are water spigots at each end of the area along with restrooms/showers.  The tent sites have been closed to tenting since we arrived last September, but we rent them out occasionally to Class B, self contained vans.  Each tent site is delineated by hedges on three sides like most of our full hookup RV sites, and those hedges have not been trimmed in a few months.  Since the owner is talking about reopening the restrooms, and tent sites it is time to get them looking their best.  Of all the Stihl power tools I utilize in doing my job the pole hedge trimmer takes the most out of me physically to operate it.  Typically you are trimming above shoulder height, and the hedges can be quite thick so you are extending your arms to help the pole trimmer reach as far as possible.  It is pretty much all upper body, and most upper chest and arms work.  Over the years I've broken both shoulders, and as you know you begin to pay the price for injuries of your youth when you get into your 60's and 70's....I am no exception.  On a positive note I have noticed I get less tired after 10 months of doing this type of work.

I began my shift working on site #21, and managed to get that site plus #20 done (hedges trimmed, grass mowed, and edges trimmed) by 11:45 am when I needed to turn my attention to readying the sites with arriving customers.  There weren't many, but each site needed attention so it took me around an hour to finish....I was home just before 1 pm to greet TLE on her way down the hill to work the second half of her Thursday split shift.

As part of my preparations for our departure in two months I decided to spend time cleaning up the receiving hitch with which we tow our trailer.  I removed it just before we left on our one month hiatus back in February, and it has been sitting in the trailer under a table since then.  It's been a couple of years since I cleaned it up, and it was looking pretty sad.  I attached the wire wheel accessory to my Porter-Cable cordless angle grinder and went to work.  I went through both batteries over the course of an hour, and ended up finishing the hard to get spots with my Dremmel.  It looks much better now.....

I keep a zip lock baggy on the main hitch ball as it is covered with grease....the small ball on the right is what I attach the anti sway bar to step is to clean off any grease/dirt residue then freshen up the black paint.  There was a lot of rust for the five months it was still attached to the Newell here at SRRVC (September to February), plus a lot of dirt and grease from two years of use.  

TLE was home by 4 pm sharp, which marks the beginning of our two day weekend.....thanks for stopping by!

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